ECA to Develop Guidelines for More Balanced e-Auctions

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Arlington, Va. — The Electronic Components, Assemblies and Materials Association (ECA) is developing industry guidelines that it hopes will forge a better balance between buyer and seller in e-auction transactions.

ECA will recommend that its suppliers use the guidelines to reach an agreement with the buyer on how the e-auction will be conducted before it starts. The association will also encourage third-party e-auction providers to adopt software features and policies that are fair to both buyers and sellers.

Issues under consideration for the e-auction guidelines include:

  • Treating pricing information as proprietary.
  • Prohibiting a third party from using information from one e-auction to influence pricing on a subsequent one.
  • Identifying all participants in the bidding process.
  • Clearly stating terms and conditions up front, and not making real-time changes during the process.
  • Extending special rights to incumbent suppliers.
  • Considering the e-auction as an implied contract and holding the buyer to the rules of engagement.
  • Defining lots in a fair manner that permits monolithic pricing.
  • Clearly stating up front the criteria for selecting the winner.
  • Providing information on the results of the auction within a pre-agreed timeframe.

    Suppliers, buyers and e-auction software and service providers can share their views on an e-Auction forum posted on the ECA Web site at Electronic Components, Assemblies & Materials Association (ECA) represents manufacturers and producers of passive and active electronic components, component arrays and assemblies, and materials and support services. It is a sector of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), comprising more than 2,100 members that represent 80 percent of the $430 billion U.S. electronics industry. For more information, visit



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