Physical Optics Corp. Announces Expanded Line of Optical Solutions with New Web Site

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Torrance, Calif. — Physical Optics Corp. (POC) announces an expanded range of optical solutions for OEM, government/military and commercial applications with its 100-page Web site launch.

A leader in technology and product development in electro-optics, holography, photonics systems, and information technology since 1985, POC's comprehensive new site demonstrates their latest offerings of optical products, fuve emerging products and provides a technology summary.

POC has integrated advanced technologies in optics, electronics and software to develop an wide variety of unique products ranging from 3-D visualization and intelligent hypercompression to light shaping products, advanced information display, optical instrumentation, sensor systems and biotechnology products. The light-shaping diffusers (LSDs) are used in such diverse applications as machine vision, LCD backlights, cell phones, consumer appliances, displays and automotive lighting. Current products for the commercial segment include light shaping diffuser films, optical components, holographic backlights, high resolution screens (front and rear-projection), and optical designs.

POC (Physical Optics Corp.) has emerged as a global leader in a changing optoelectronics marketplace, secured by major technological advancements and expertise in holography, information systems and photonics instrumentation. For more information, visit



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