EMS Provider Nextek Selects Aegis Software to Improve Operational Efficiency

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Philadelphia — Aegis Industrial Software Corp. announces that EMS provider Nextek Inc. has purchased their NPI and MES software modules to further advance efficiency, quality and customer service.

Nextek is deploying the Aegis Web-centric platform for the preparation and execution of their precision electronic and optoelectronic assembly and engineering services for customers.

Nextek has selected CircuitCAM, CheckPoint and Fusion iServer for expediting new product introductions and engineering change control, and will implement iView, iTrac, iQ, iMonitor and iPortal for manufacturing execution.

Nextek uses the Aegis Checkpoint product on the front end to verify and clean all incoming customer data. Once complete, clean data is made available, the Aegis CircuitCAM product is utilized to create process documentation and machine programs. Once the analysis and conversion of customer data is completed and manufacturing activity is ready to commence, other Aegis modules will enable the company to:

  • Communicate information in a common, paperless format (iView).
  • Monitor Work In Process and material movement (iTrac).
  • Measure and respond to quality metrics (iQ and iMonitor).
  • Enable customers, suppliers and other partners to participate in the manufacturing process (iPortal).

Nextek Inc. is a niche market, technology driven company, focused on offering precision electronic and optoelectronic assembly and engineering services for customers with needs-driven, non-commodity products. For more information, visit www.nextekinc.com.

Aegis Industrial Software Corp. offers software for improving the manufacturing and management operations of the electronics assembly enterprise. For more information, visit www.aiscorp.com.



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