DEK Forms Sales and Marketing Agreement with Ovation Products

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Flemington, N.J. — DEK has expanded its range of advanced tooling options through a joint sales and marketing agreement with Ovation Products, a division of Airline Hydraulics Corp., to expand the choices available to customers selecting tooling for DEK printers.

Grid-Lok has been developed by Ovation, and is similar in concept to DEK's FormFlex conforming tooling system. DEK feels that the two alternatives are complementary.

Grid-Lok features a modular array of pneumatically controlled tooling pins that conform to the underside of the board including contact with components. The conforming sequence is initiated by the operator, and is ready for use within 2 seconds or alternatively in fully automatic mode the system can set its profile for every product that passes through the machine. Like FormFlex, Grid-Lok reportedly eliminates programming time from tooling setup, to minimize machine down time and raise throughput and productivity. Ovation has worked with DEK to ensure compatibility between its Grid-Lok system and DEK's tooling requirements, which is common to Infinity, Horizon and ELA, Viking-class and Micron-class screen printers.

Tooling pins are tipped with anti-static material, and are locked independently. Pressure exerted by a pin during lift is approximately 5 g. Grid-Lok arrays are capable of working with boards from 50 x 50 mm up to 500 x 500 mm.

As part of the agreement between the two companies, Ovation will continue to develop Grid-Lok, and will work with other manufacturers of SMT equipment, including placement machines, to expand the number of applications for Grid-Lok. DEK will continue to develop, market and support FormFlex, which has been successfully applied at many DEK customer sites and is particularly beneficial when support for densely populated boards is required.

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