Valor, Universal Streamline Shop Floor and Enterprise-level Dialogue

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Binghamton, N.Y. — Universal Instruments and Valor Computerized Systems have formed an agreement to interface Valor software products with Universal's manufacturing systems.

The interface will be achieved through the use of standard interfaces built into Universal's Dimensions manufacturing automation software The interface between Valor and Universal will optimize engineering dataflows and enable mutual customers to enjoy more efficient new product introduction (NPI). By using the standard interface, the two companies will streamline the exchange of data between Valor's Trilogy 5000 Machine Shapes Manager (MSM), Valor Parts Library (VPL) and ODB++(X) integrated PCB CAD/CAM data source, and Universal's GSM, Genesis, Vantis and HSP pick-and-place machines via the Dimensions software suite.

The use of the interface allows each company to independently configure an optimal solution to meet customer requirements to integrate different software systems. Valor will gain a standard interface to the Dimensions package provided by Universal, which enables direct interfaces between various manufacturing software vendors and factory business and management systems. This solution will be especially attractive to customers who need machine programming solutions for assembly lines that have machines supplied by multiple vendors. The standard interface will allow Trilogy 5000 to connect directly to Universal manufacturing equipment via the Dimensions suite of software products. The interface with the DDM (Dimensions Database Management) tool in particular will allow Valor to provide a closed-loop feedback mechanism from Universal assembly machines into Valor's centralized machine-vendor-independent MSM parts data control solution.

Universal's Dimensions Data Management system will interface with the Valor Trilogy 5000 NPI engineering system to drive Universal assembly lines from integrated ODB++(X) and VPL data intelligence. This interface will allow customers using DDM and DPO for machine programming to download new component and product information directly from the VPL. It also provides an efficient method of delivering panel layout, fiducial locations, part locations, and rotations into the Universal machine and line programming processes.

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