Kyzen Collaborates on NPL Lead-free Project

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Nashville, Tenn. — Kyzen Corp. is collaborating with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) on a project investigating the flux cleaning efficiency in lead-free soldering processes.

Based in Teddington, Middlesex, U.K., the NPL is the UK's national standards laboratory, an international and independent center of excellence in research, development and knowledge transfer in measurement and materials science.The project's objective is to answer three key questions: Is there a problem cleaning flux residues from lead-free pastes?; do cleaning regimes need to be changed?; and can NPL help benchmark cleaning performance for lead-free processes? The project will investigate the cleaning of lead-free solder pastes by different cleaning equipment and chemistries, and will have two goals:

  • To demonstrate a general qualificiation that cleaning of flux residues in lead-free processes can be achieved.
  • To generate a test method that allows industrial users to investigate the cleaning performance of their own processes and the option to benchmark that against the standards achieved in the project.

The project will be conducted in two phases, both of which will use use input from Kyzen. The first phase will focus on determining the relow profile that begins to affect the ability to clean. During this phase, Kyzen will profile Sn/Ag/Cu on both Cookson and Kerry equipment. Once a suitable range of profile conditions has been established from Phase 1, Phase 2 will investigate the cleaning efficiency for the complete range of component types, cleaning regimes, two paste types and three profile conditions.

Additionally, controls that are not cleaned will be included. During the second phase, Kyzen will profile Sn/Ag/Cu — low on Speedline equipment with Alpha paste, and Sn/Ag/Cu — high on Kerry equipment with Alpha paste. A time scale of approximately 12 months is predicted for project duration. This timeframe includes planning, sourcing and dissemination activities.

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