World's Largest Tin Producers Rejoins ITRI

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Hertfordshire, UK — PT Timah Tbk is rejoining ITRI Ltd (formerly the International Tin Research Institute).

ITRI is a global membership-based organization involved in the research, development and marketing of tin-based technologies. The organization is supported by major tin producers and smelters.An important part of ITRI's global strategy is to expand its market-driven activities through collaborative research and to move beyond its traditional regions, such as Europe, the U.S. and Japan. The organization will increasingly focus on collaborative opportunities in major tin-producing countries, such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia. These three countries produce almost 70 percent of the world output of tin metal. They are also important consumers of the metal, with China alone accounting for more than 20 percent of global demand, making it a larger market than the U.S.PT Timah withdrew from ITRI two years ago, as previously ITRI's research activities were mainly concentrated in London.ITRI and Tin Technology currently have a global membership of around 100 companies. Producers and smelter members include Malaysia Smelting Corp Bhd (Malaysia), PT Koba Tin (Indonesia), Sons of Gwalia Ltd (Australia), Thailand Smelting and Refining (Thailand), Metallo-Chimique International NV (Belgium), and Minsur SA (Peru).Tin Technology is a membership-based organization involved in the research, development, and marketing of tin based technologies. Its membership is drawn from Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

It is the world's foremost authority on tin with access to more than 60 years experience through its association with ITRI Ltd. (formerly the International Tin Research Institute). Tin is a versatile, non-toxic metal, and has an important role to play in many environmentally friendly technologies. Tin Technology promotes, supports and expands the use of tin through continuous technical and commercial development, and is active in all sectors of tin application including alloys, soldering, tinplate, coatings and chemicals. It is supported by major tin producers and the tin-consuming industries worldwide and is at the cutting edge of research and development into tin-based technologies. This activity is organized through core projects, collaborative initiatives or confidential contract research with individual member companies.Tin Technology is the premier source of tin-related information providing the focal point for a substantial network of industry contacts. Strong interaction and communication links exist with users through seminars, conferences and industry-specific group meetings. The Company also provides marketing and technical support to its members and industry in general. For more information, visit



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