SMTA International Symposium Focuses on Lead-free Technology

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Minneapolis — A special symposium on Thursday during SMTA International (September 21 through 25 at Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill.) will be dedicated to examining the current progress of lead-free technology.

Organized by Paul T. Vianco, Ph.D., Sandia National Labs, the Lead-free Soldering Symposium will address key issues in the implementation and reliability of electronics assembled with lead-free solder.

Four paper sessions will address Lead-free and Tin Whiskers Consortia Activities, Solder Materials, Process Optimization for Lead-free Solder and Conductive Epoxy, and Lead-free Soldering Reliability Studies.

During the session on Consortia Activities, representatives from the NEMI Lead-free project, NEMI Tin Whiskers project, the High Density Packaging Users Group (HDPUG), and the Joint Group-Pollution Prevention Project will describe their respective programs. These consortia represent partners having business interests that range from low-cost, consumer electronics to high-reliability, military products.

During the other sessions, speakers will discuss such topics as surface finishes, component finishes, interface properties, high temperature reflow, reflow atmosphere, solder paste formulation, the curing profile for conductive epoxy attachment and solder joint reliability, including solder joint resistance to dynamic mechanical shock, accelerated thermal cycling and thermal cycling data for avionics hardware.

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