Degussa AG, LPKF Close License Negotiations

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Wilsonville, Ore. — A "know-how" transfer and license agreement has been established between Degussa AG and LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.

With this contract, Degussa AG has obtained the license to produce and sell doped, cross-linkable PBT granulate (polybutylene terephthalate). Now, for the first time, a special doped thermoplastic material is available worldwide for the electronics industry, significantly increasing the applications for LPKF laser technology in the 3-Dmolded interconnect devices industry. On the basis of this granulate, the surface of thermoplastics can be activated and metallized by a laser system developed and sold by LPKF.

This technology was developed to transfer conductor functions directly onto the inside of the casing. This results in process and cost advantages for the production of three-dimensional parts in the mechanical-electronics and microelectronics industry.

LPKF is currently negotiating on licensing further doped plastics.

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