JDS Uniphase Selects National Instruments LabVIEW for Its Fiber Optic Instrumentation Platform

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Austin, Texas -- National Instruments' LabVIEW graphical development software has been selected by JDS Uniphase Corp. as the preferred environment for use with the JDS Uniphase multiple application platform (MAP) fiberoptic test product line.

MAP and LabVIEW integrate to provide a set of test and measurement capabilities to fiber optic component manufacturers. The optical acquisition and conditioning capabilities of the MAP combined with the analysis and presentation capabilities of LabVIEW reduce development time and increase system performance.

The open graphical development environment of LabVIEW software is well suited for rapid prototyping and easily adding new test functionality with the integration of MAP hardware. In addition, the numerical analysis and presentation tools in LabVIEW give customers efficient access to the measurement capabilities of the MAP.

JDS Uniphase's MAP was designed with ActiveX drivers, an interface that is included in the standard LabVIEW offering. LabVIEW simplifies control, analysis and presentation of the data that the MAP acquires in fiberoptic test and process monitoring applications such as DWDM components and subsystems, optical amplifiers, 10 Gb/s transponders and network line cards.

Specifically designed for measurement and automation systems, NI LabVIEW graphical development software boosts productivity through rapid development while increasing system performance with powerful, built-in measurement analysis capabilities. Thousands of engineers worldwide successfully use this software to acquire, analyze and present measurement data throughout every stage of development, from design to manufacturing test. JDS Uniphase, a worldwide leader in optical technology, designs and manufactures products for fiberoptic communications, as well as for markets where its core optics competency provides innovative solutions for industrial, commercial and consumer applications. For more information, visit www.jdsu.com.For more than 26 years, National Instruments has revolutionized the way engineers and scientists work by delivering virtual instrumentation solutions built on rapidly advancing commercial technologies, including industry-standard computers and the Internet. For more information, visit www.ni.com.



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