Palomar Forms The One Alliance

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Vista, Calif. -- Palomar Technologies has established The One Allaince with its alliance companies, Axys Technologies, Creative Automation and ILX Lightwave, to become the first in photonic assembly to integrate multiple machines and processes in a complete assembly line.

In an automated photonics component assembly line:

  • Step 1: Magazine loaders are stacked with empty butterfly packages. The packages move to a Creative Automation Champion 8300 digital dispensing in-line system that can dispense 6 mil dots of conductive silver epoxy, up to 45,000 dots per hour.
  • Step 2: From the dispenser, the parts move by conveyor to Palomar's laser diode attach (LDA) automated component assembly cell. The programmable, closed-loop system provides control and repeatability for the high integrity connection needed to generate reliable, long term transmission of laser light.
  • Step 3: The assembled package leaves the LDA and moves to a Palomar CBT 6000 wire bonder where the parts are wire bonded. Following wire bonding, the components may be tested at the chip on carrier (CoC) level and then off-loaded by a magazine unloader.
  • Step 4: The Palomar laser diode attach system aligns, attaches and tests the optical elements of the active diode device.
  • Step 5: Final test is performed by the ILX Lightwave LPA 9080 Series laser diode Parameter Analyzer. A LIV (light intensity voltage) test provides data for yield management.

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