IMS Rated 100 Percent/A+ by Interpoint

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Portsmouth, R.I. -- International Manufacturing Services Inc. (IMS) has been rated 100 percent or A+ by its customer Interpoint, a Crane Co. company, in a recent Vendor Performance Report.

The commendation was awarded for on-time delivery and product quality. In its evaluation, Interpoint took into account criteria including number of product returns as well as such issues as nonconformance, partial shipments, late deliveries and more. A score of 100 percent means that IMS scored perfectly in all categories, with zero returns, zero late shipments, etc.Interpoint, a Crane Co. Company, is a leading manufacturer of high-reliability microelectronic power-conversion products and custom hybrids for the aerospace, space, military, medical, industrial and commercial markets.IMS manufactures quality thick film chip resistors, both standard and custom, for applications ranging from automotive sensors to high frequency microwave and medical equipment. IMS has been supplying the electronics manufacturing industry with highest quality thick and thin film chip resistors and chip attenuators since 1974. For more information, visit



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