Gearing Up for the Challenge Keeps DiagnoSYS Systems on the Move

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Kissimmee, Fla. -- Acquiring the board test and telecom division of a major competitor last fall marked the start of a number of changes for DiagnoSYS Systems.

Plans call for the introduction of a number of new features designed to expand the existing range and usefulness of the product line. The flagship PinPoint in-circuit functional test system will soon benefit from the many years of practical field experience provided by the board test and telecom side. Benefits to the PinPoint series reportedly will include advances in hardware options, conversion software for legacy product programs and more user-driven features designed to speed up both programming and fault finding.

All of the pending upgrades to the PinPoint line are fully retrofitable to today's system configuration.

The ScanPoint automated optical inspection (AOI) system adds a Rework Server to the product line. This addition can operate as a standalone or networked configuration with multiple ScanPoint systems. The Rework Server receives complete inspection data from the ScanPoint system allowing the operator to identify the location and description of any suspect devices or solder joints found during the inspection process visually on the Servers' monitor.

Component changes can cause false errors in any inspection system. Using a combination of ScanPoint AOI and the Rework Server is said to allow an authorized user to automatically update the inspection recipe. The inspection program is modified to pass the new component in future boards once the device is recognized as an authorized substitution. Any changes are time and date stamped to ensure that all inspection systems are synchronized with the up-to-date recipe.

Since all DiagnoSYS products operate on standard Windows-supported networks, multiple ScanPoint systems can communication with each other and the Rework Server using the existing infrastructure.

DiagnoSYS also is starting a series of new services that allow companies to reduce the ongoing cost of test and the initial "buy-in" fee associated with purchasing the equipment and training needed to implement in-house test functions. Outsourcing test functions reduces the need for capital expenditures releasing funds for other critical growth areas of the business. Among the various outsourced functions offered by DiagnoSYS are test program development, actual board testing and applications assistance for customers who require additional talents to design more complex test recipes.

DiagnoSYS Systems Inc. is a provider of test solutions and services offering a full spectrum of products from board test to telecom protocol testers and automated optical inspection (AOI) equipment. For more information, visit



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