EV Group Supports Waseda University on Nanotechnology Research

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Scharding, Austria -- EV Group (EVG) has shipped and installed a complete product line for nanoimprinting, hot embossing, spray coating and wafer alignment at Waseda University Japan.

Waseda University is a key address for micro- and nanoengineernig in Japan and puts now strong emphasis in research on nanotechnology applications.

Hot embossing is known as a low cost and flexible fabrication technique, which has demonstrated polymer high aspect ratio microstructures as well as nanoimprinting patterns. The production-proven EVG520HE hot embossing system from EVG guarantees a high-quality pattern transfer from a stamp to a polymer substrate and produces uniformly imprinted, ultra-fine micrometer or nanometer scale features.

Equipped with a universal embossing chamber, the EVG520HE applies high-contact force conditions, which is a main feature and requirement for the hot embossing process. Capability for processing the whole range of polymers suitable for hot embossing is important in this area.

Another field of activity at Waseda University requires uniform coating of substrate surfaces with high topographies, for example on bulk or surface micromachined structures which show grooves and channels. Spray coating is an advanced feature on EVG's coating systems and available on the EVG101 coater for Waseda University.

EVG's OmniSpray coating technology is designed to uniformly dispense photoresist or polymers on high topography substrates while delivering better results compared to spin coating. It reportedly provides an optimized and cost-saving method by using an atomizer nozzle to produce micron-size droplets for highly uniform layers of resist. As there are no limitations in substrate sizes, small diameters substrates or wafers up to 200 mm can be easily processed.

The Nanotechnology Research Laboratory of Waseda University has been founded as a base of industrial-government-academic complex to execute a government-commissioning nanotechnology comprehensive support project called COE (Establishment of Molecular Nano-Engineering). The purpose of this project is to propose practical micro-systems through the development of nanotechnology that is useful for conserving resources and preserving environment. For more information, visit www.coe.waseda.ac.jp/index.html.

EV Group (EVG) manufactures a full line of wafer bonders, mask and bond aligners, photoresist coating systems and cleaners for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and semiconductor market segments. For more information, visit www.evgroup.com.



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