Teradyne Connection Systems to Offer Deep Micro-Via Solutions

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Nashua, N.H. -- Teradyne Inc. Connection Systems Division (TCS) has announced capabilities to provide deep micro-via technology for customers of high performance printed circuits (HPC).

As package density and technology drive the need for greater density on the printed circuit board, deep micro-via technology provides several benefits to printed circuit board designers. Teradyne's unique HDI capabilities include panel sizes up to 24 x 28" and micro-vias three layers deep or 3 mils in diameter. By providing circuit designers with less manufacturing barriers, system costs reportedly can be reduced, along with layer count, by as much as 20 percent.

Teradyne Inc. is the world's largest supplier of automatic test equipment, and is also a leading supplier of interconnection systems. For more information, visit www.teradyne.com.Teradyne Connection Systems (TCS), a division of Boston-based Teradyne, Inc., provides total system solutions to industry leading OEMs, with high-performance circuits, high-speed, high-density connectors, multi-gigabit backplane assemblies and complete system integration and test services. For more information, visit www.teradyne.com/tcs.



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