NACOM Hosts Successful Deployment of Standards-Based Information Exchange Framework

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Atlanta -- NACOM Corp. has completed a trial implementation of a next generation information exchange framework for electronics manufacturing.

The NACOM pilot program evaluated the viability of computer-aided manufacturing exchange (CAMX), a series of standards that are based on extensible markup language (XML) and define how and what information is exchanged among shop floor equipment and enterprise applications. These standards, which electronics manufacturers know as the IPC 2500 series, are used to provide enhanced communication of critical business data across the entire manufacturing enterprise.

Organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology's Manufacturing Resource Center (MARC), this pilot test of the IPC 2500 standard aimed to show, in a live factory environment, how interoperability among software applications and equipment can significantly reduce costs and decrease cycle time.

Joining Georgia Tech's MARC in the FIP program are several industry-leading equipment manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and software and hardware vendors. The participants in the NACOM pilot implementation of the IPC standards included Agilent, DEK, Siemens, Connective Commerce, GTC, MAPICS, Motorola, Teradyne and Visual Plant.

The first in-plant deployment of the FIP took place at Motorola's plant in Seguin, Texas, and showed results similar to those at the NACOM facility. In both projects, the IPC 2501 standards provided real-time data about products, processes and the shop floor equipment, giving users quick and easy access to information such as work in process, throughput and equipment utilization. These results offer a glimpse into the reduced costs, increased flexibility and improved functionality that manufacturers can realize with CAMX and its series of standards.

A third pilot implementation took place in late February at Nortel Networks' Calgary, Alberta facility.

NACOM Corp. meets the worldwide demand for automotive and other industrial electronic components, particularly in data transfer linkage products.



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