Vitronics Soltec Delivers 1,000th Delta Series Wave Soldering System

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Ooosterhout, The Netherlands -- Vitronics Soltec has delivered its 1,000th Delta Series wave soldering system.

The popular Delta series family of wave soldering machines has built a worldwide reputation for high-volume throughput, reliability and repeatable processing. From the "workhorse" Delta Wave 6622 and Delta C (Compact) 6721 models, to the "loaded" Delta MAX 6723-CC, Delta series wave soldering machines reportedly have set the global standard for low-defect, cost-effective soldering of all types of circuit assemblies. The Delta series has also been the launching platform for remarkable innovations in wave soldering technology pioneered by Vitronics Soltec, including the Select-X selective debridging system, dross grabber and more.The Delta platform soldering system is designed for three-shift, high volume production with maximum uptime. The Delta platform is configured with such features as digital motor control, complete maintenance accessibility and a robust overall design.

The Delta platform soldering system is designed with a complete array of options and can be customized to fit any soldering application or chemistry. Critical subsystems such as fluxer, preheat, or wave are easily interchangeable.Leading electronics manufacturers worldwide have chosen the Delta platform to capitalize on key strengths inherent in the system. For example, a large group of manufacturers including Philips, Sony, Pioneer (Consumer-Europe/Asia), Nokia,and Ericsson (Mobile-Europe) selected the Delta for its process repeatability and stability. Still another group processing 24" boards chose the DeltaMAX for its large panel and high volume processing capability; these companies include Boeing, Lockheed (Aviation-USA) and Alcatel (Telecom-Europe), among others. Companies choosing the Delta C (Compact) include Valeo and Lear (Automotive-Europe), who wanted the repeatability of a Delta, but have lower throughput volume requirements.

Vitronics Soltec is the world's leading supplier of reflow, wave and selective soldering technology, equipment, and applications know-how. For more information, visit



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