AeA National Board Endorses Comprehensive Economic Growth Plan

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Washington, D.C. -- The national board of AeA voted at its recent board meeting to fully endorse the president's initiative to spur the U.S. economy through a jobs and economic growth plan.

Besides fully endorsing the president's plan, the AeA National Board recommends that policy makers consider additional proposals during the legislative process. Specifically, AeA supports the following provisions that would increase investments in high-tech products and services:

  • To trigger an inflow of at least $135 billion of cash into the U.S. economy, create a one-year 5.25 percent toll tax on dividends from foreign subsidiaries to encourage companies to return foreign profits back into the U.S.;
  • To ensure R&D activity continues to produce jobs and growth in the United States, make permanent the extension of the Research and Development tax credit;
  • To encourage companies to make investments in technology and to have the U.S. tax code match the useful life of high-tech assets, enhance business investment incentives, such as accelerated depreciation or immediate expensing;
  • And to assist companies that find themselves in a loss situation due to the downturn in the U.S. economy, extend for two years the five-year carry-back of net operating losses (NOL) provision included in the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002.

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