Photonics Assembly in an EMS Environment

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The explosion of the Internet and web based multimedia applications has driven phenomenal growth in networking hardware requirements. This rapid growth trend has required Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to turn to the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry as a means to quickly and efficiently satisfy their manufacturing needs. The most pronounced Internet trend of the new millennium is an insatiable thirst for bandwidth. Conventional copper based networks, although improving in speed through evolving hardware solutions, cannot promise the quantum leap in bandwidth capacity that the fiber optic solutions demonstrate with currently available technology. Recent investments in the long haul fiber based core have pushed bandwidth constraints closer to the enterprise and/or end user. Unfortunately, the hardware side of the fiber optic based networking infrastructure outside of the core is in its infancy. As a result, the majority of the fiber optic networking hardware manufacturing has resided within captive OEM plants. The transition has begun for the migration of photonics assembly from OEM to EMS in order to meet the huge increased demand for low cost optical network bandwidth.

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