TESCO Invests US $600,000 in Tecnomatix eMPower Enterprise Solution

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Nashua, N.H. -- TESCO has purchased additional licenses and consulting services valued at more than US $600,000 for an eMPower Enterprise Solution that includes eM-Planner, eM-Workplace, eM-SPOT and eM-OLP from Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd.

TESCO, which was named General Motors Supplier of the Year for 2001, is refining its approach to process engineering with eMPower, enabling it to reduce both the cost and the time required to deliver high quality manufacturing processes to its customers. This improved method of developing and managing manufacturing processes will give TESCO a competitive edge in price and quality that will also save its customers money and ultimately time. This competitive advantage is being realized by using eMPower to leverage a variety of process and technology innovations such as manufacturing process templates, manufacturing resource libraries and automated process development. By initiating this approach during the customer bidding process, TESCO's engineering activity gains a significant head start once a company awards its business to TESCO, reducing the cost and time necessary to engineer a high quality assembly line.

Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. is the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM) solutions. For more information, visit www.tecnomatix.com.

TESCO Engineering and The HIROTEC Group Cos. are the premier supplier of world class closure panel manufacturing technologies. For more information, visit www.tescogroup.com.



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