Neopost Picks Tecnomatix Software to Optimize PCB Production

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Tecnomatix eMPower Assembly and Test applications are being used by Neopost to drive its two manufacturing lines in France where it produces the PCBs that are integrated into its mailing equipment worldwide. Tecnomatix claims that eMPower enables Neopost to deliver optimized assembly processes and documentation to the shop floor, and ensures maximum test coverage of the PCBs.

FREMONT, Calif. - After extensive in-house qualification, ASAT Inc. has announced the successful development of Moisture Sensitive Level One (MSL-1) capability on all leaded products. MSL-1 is the JEDEC standard J-STD 020 which guarantees unlimited shelf life for packages stored at standard temperature in an uncontrolled environment. As a result, the baking process step, often required prior to mounting the package on a board or module, is eliminated.



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