Y2K Assembly Line

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Y2K Assembly Line

The Y2K assembly line is designed to allow attendees to witness a component attachment process at very low temperatures using a solder alternative. The line features bottomside in-line placement of bar-code labels, as well as the deposition of a solder alternative for the mechanical attachment of quad flat packs (QFP), BGAs, a flip chip and standard surface mount devices (SMD). The devices are cemented in place with a low-temperature heating process, and the flip chip device is underfilled with a snap-cure underfill adhesive.

Topside deposition features another solder alternative material for the mechanical and electrical attachment of live SMDs, flip chip, LEDs and a battery retainer clip. An in-line programmer allows for the programming of the 555 Timer device that is the brains of the circuit. The solder alternative is cured forming a live circuit that is subsequently X-rayed and in-circuit tested to find any failures.



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