PCMCIA Assembly Line

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PCMCIA Assembly Line

The PCMCIA line highlights the assembly of a high-volume consumer electronics product that incorporates many high-technology facets, including advanced design techniques, a variety of high- pin-count component packages and die, along with cutting edge PCB fabrication technology. The assembly equipment is outfitted for processing the thin laminate that is typically used in PCMCIA panels.

The process for the top-side of the assembly includes: in-line placement of a bar-code label; stencil printing of no-clean solder paste; post-printing solder paste volume measurement; the placement of CSPs, low-profile BGA packages, solder flip chips and 0.015" fine-pitch components; localized no-flow fluxing underfill dispensing for solder flip chip pads with subsequent placement of the solder flip chip; reflow soldering with oven profiles automatically captured for each board processed; in-line X-ray and testing of each PCB assembly; and the subsequent depaneling of each PC card out of a two-up panel, with post-depaneling attachment of PCMCIA connectors with solder and flux-bearing leads.



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