Lead-free PBGA Assembly Line

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Lead-free PBGA Assembly Line

The PBGA line features the full population and assembly of a BGA lead-frame strip containing the circuitry and bonding pads for four PBGA devices. The die-attach process demonstrates the population of a laminate strip containing four PBGA packages containing gold bonding pads for gold-to-gold interconnect COB wire-bond die and the BGA package. The wire bondable die is attached with a silver-filled adhesive, followed by thermal cure, plasma clean and die wire bonding to the pad sites for each device in the strip. The overmolding on the COB die is dispensed and cured, protecting the die from mechanical and environmental damage.

The ball-attach process joins the lead-free BGA spheres to the laminate strip. The pad sites for the devices are fluxed, and the spheres are mass vacuum picked and placed prior to solder reflow. Final cleaning, visual inspection, and test occurs prior to device singulation and placement into matrix trays.



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