Flip Chip is Production-ready

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AUSTIN, Texas - XeTel Corp. announced that it has achieved production-ready status for board assemblies using 0.4 mm-pitch flip chip packages. Flip chip technology will reportedly enable smaller, thinner, and lighter products in the communications, computer and other electronics industries.

The board assembly process for flip chip components solders the device to the PCB so that the active circuitry faces the board. Flip chip assembly is said to virtually eliminate first-level packaging and provide significant board space and height savings over traditional surface mount packaging options. XeTel also developed an underfill process that reportedly enhances the reliability of these assemblies. The underfill involves dispensing an epoxy into the space between the flip chip die and the board surface.

"We continue to strengthen our position as a technology leader to ensure our customers that we are able to provide card assembly of the most sophisticated technology packages available on the market today," said Angelo A. DeCaro Jr., president and CEO of XeTel.



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