Pick-and-place Evaluation Center

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A strategic approach to evaluating assembly pick-and-place equipment will be unveiled at the new Pick-and-place Evaluation Center. In the 2,000 sq. ft. facility, visitors can evaluate pick-and-place equipment from some of the industry`s major manufacturers. Four high-speed placement machines will be on display, set up side-by-side, with third-party tech- nical experts providing in-use feedback and interpretation of manufacturers` published machine specifications. The physical demonstration of these machines allows for a head-to-head comparison of attributes such as placement speed, accuracy and component handling.

The equipment evaluation will be supplemented with a new research report compiled by RRA, providing detailed data that will rank the performance and overall reliability of a broader base of placement machine models, including a wide range of both multifunctional and high-speed placers. The comprehensive results of the technical report will be supplied only to those who visit the evaluation center.

"The intent is to provide industry knowledge via users` experience to evaluate the machines and companies that support them," said Sytsma. "Attendees will be able to discover what machines are better at what operations. Which machine is the most accurate with differing components and feeders? Which machine is the fastest with given components and feeders? And the tech- nical report will have detailed information about machine reliability and the customer service and support provided by the major equipment manufacturers."

In the evaluation area, statistical modeling will measure accuracy performance against X, Y and theta using components from 0402 chip resistors to small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) 28 gull-wing leaded devices.



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