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Bar-code/Matrix ReaderThe HawkEye Model 15HD bar/matrix code reader is a compact, fixed-position scanner/verifier. Using QuicSet, an integrated positioning feature that combines visual laser targeting and audio feedback, the reader can reportedly be aligned on a bar or matrix code symbol quickly without external equipment. It offers on-line verification for immediate and definitive in-line symbol quality control. The reader is 2.4 x 2.5", and features an integrated lighting system that is said to enhance the contrast of printed symbols or those directly marked by laser etching or dot peening. It was developed to read linear bar codes and 2-D Data Matrix codes. Auto Image ID, Cherry Hill, N.J.


Telemetry SystemThis telemetry system includes the Datapaq 9000 series logger and Windows software. The logger reportedly gives a real-time reading sampling rate of 0.2 seconds on all channels with an accuracy of ±1°C. The software is said to allow complete analysis during transmission with data verification and error prevention. It features password-protected access, allowing the engineer to customize software for various levels of user proficiency. Datapaq Inc., Wilmington, Mass.


Hands-free MagnificationThe ESD-safe MagEye's hands-free magnifier is designed for rework, inspection, quality control, and any hands-on, close-up, detail-oriented work. The head sets can be used with or without eye glasses or contacts and are available with up to four different magnification lenses. Weighing less than 2 oz, the head set reportedly slips on, swings up or down, and locks into place. It is manufactured with solid-state semiconducting materials chemically bonded into a black, non-glare polymer mix. MFD Enterprises Inc., Kerrville, Texas.


Selective Soldering and ReworkThe LS-100 is for selective soldering and rework of components from μBGAs to QFPs, odd-shaped and hybrid devices. The system is said to be ideal for soldering and desoldering RF shielding and various paste-in-hole and solder-paste-on-through-hole applications. It is a semiautomatic, off-line rework system that reportedly prevents overheating and thermal stress of components, the board and adjacent components, while enabling the programming of precise reflow profiles. The system employs a YAG laser beam, a pyrometer to program and control this proprietary process, and a helium-neon targeting laser. ViTechnology LLC, Haverhill, Mass.


Standardized LeadframeThe continuous strip Solder-Laden leadframe is said to provide perfect solder joints when attaching leads, and enable SIP, DIP and SO packages to be manufactured with a single leadframe. Each leadframe has the amount of solder needed in the pad attachment area to make quality joints, reportedly eliminating the process step of screening the solder paste to the pads. The continuous strip is cut to the desired length and attached to each side of the component where needed. The leadframes can be provided in pitches ranging from 0.010" centerline down to 0.5 mm. Clip style or flat paddle attachments are available. Die-Tech Inc., York Haven, Pa.


ICT PlatformThe GR TestStation can be configured from 256 to 7,680 pins on the factory floor. It can reportedly be populated with any current company pin cards, and reconfigured by adding modules to increase node count. When populated with the Ultra 121 pin card option, the station can accept any other ATE vendor's fixtures and programs. This card is said to simultaneously provide test resources for every node of a board and increase the accuracy of the measurement resolution. GenRad Inc., Westford, Mass.



Photoelectric SensorsThe MP series of photoelectric sensors are self-contained and need no external circuitry for operation. The sensors are available in both AC and DC models to provide input signals to existing PLCs and other electronic equipment. DC models have both NPN and PNP output circuitry to interface with a wide variety of control systems. All sensors can reportedly operate in "light" or "dark" modes. The series consists of through-scan, retro-reflective, diffused-reflective and convergent-reflective models. HTM electronics industries, Niagara Falls, N.Y.


Two Depaneling Stations in OneThe HVR6209 combines two depaneling stations within a single enclosure. Its design incorporates a staging conveyor, two mechanical pickup hands and a robotic offload work cell. The control software features the Windows operating system and a standard touch screen. The servo-controlled staging conveyor reportedly provides alternating delivery to the dual routing stations. Each routing station operates independently, so the system can process either identical panels on both stations or a different panel on each side simultaneously. PMJ Cencorp LLC, Grand Prairie, Texas.


Linear Positioning StageThis compact, brushless linear positioning stage is said to have positioning accuracy of ±2 μm, repeatability of 0.5 μm, a high-precision ball slide that provides flatness of travel to a maximum of 0.0002" per inch (0.0127 mm per 25.4 mm), and straightness of ±0.0001" per inch (0.0025 mm per 25.4 mm). Measuring 5.4 x 1.2 x 2.2", the stage has a stroke to 2". Designed for critical positioning applications, it is supplied with integral optical limit switches and hard stops to protect it from over-travel, even in the event of a power-off situation. Northern Magnetics Inc., Santa Clarita, Calif.


Solvent DegreaserThe B-452R refrigerated solvent degreaser is a re-engineered unit that is said to feature high throughput capabilities and low solvent emissions. An on-board, sub-zero chiller package, captured sliding cover and internal water separator reportedly control losses. Low-voltage controls are said to ensure operator safety. Branson Ultrasonics Corp., Precision Cleaning Div., Danbury, Conn.


Low-VOC CleaningA patented azeotrope based on high-purity VMS and 9 percent glycol ether by volume, OS-120 Fluid can be used to remove residual silicone from dispensing equipment after a silicone conformal coating to PCB production run, among other applications. The fluid is compatible with a wide range of materials, and reportedly will not harm most substrates, including metals, plastics and elastomers. The formulation is said to deliver 100 percent evaporation and low NVR. Dow Corning Corp., Midland, Mich.


Cleaning MediumVigon A 200 is a surfactant-free formulation designed to ensure that the medium does not leave any residues on the cleaned parts or in the cleaning equipment. It is virtually odorless and is said to deliver cleaning results of less than 0.2 μg NaCl Eq/cm2 of ionic residue. It is reportedly characterized by a high solvency and absorption capacity for all types of fluxes without resulting in the formation of undesirable foam. Because no surfactants are consumed, a long bath life is said to be guaranteed. Zestron Corp., Ashburn, Va.



Non-contact DispensingFeaturing the patented DispenseJet valve, the M-2000-SMT non-contact dispensing platform reportedly dispenses adhesives at rates exceeding 40,000 dots per hour. It is said to be capable of cycling every 12 milliseconds to support the demands of high-volume in-line production. The valve shoots dots from 1 to 3.5 mm above the PCB. Consistent production is said to be ensured by low-inertia closed-loop process control combined with a three-axis motion system. These features reportedly provide positioning within a 5 μm encoder resolution and smooth acceleration up to a 2.0 g peak. Asymtek, a Nordson Co., Carlsbad, Calif.

Nozzle Fluxing SystemDesigned to accept multiple configurations, the Nozzle Fluxing System is said to be able to work with multiple chemistries and adapt the system to meet individual application requirements. It reportedly offers optimal flux penetration and uniform fluxing with minimal waste. The advanced flux penetration control by nozzle speed and air pressure is said to ensure 100 percent hole-fillet penetration for PTH boards. Process variables such as pump frequency, nozzle speed, one- or two-direction spraying, and work-area configuration are user-programmable. Vitronics Soltec North America, a Dover Technologies Co., Stratham, N.H.


Stop-off DispenserThis new stop-off dispenser reportedly helps coat holes, grooves and other recessed areas in one step without additional masking, touchup or rework. The compact benchtop dispenser uses compressed air to apply stop-offs and similar materials in controlled amounts. It is said to be much faster and neater than using brushes, squeeze bottles and other manual tools. Typical uses include plating, anodizing and refurbishing operations. Stop-off is loaded into a disposable hand-held barrel. The barrel is connected to the dispenser by flexible tubing and fitted with a dispense tip for stop-off placement. EFD Inc., East Providence, R.I.


Cyanoacrylate DispenserSystem 225 is a cyanoacrylate dispenser that is an alternative to squeezing bottles. The system is said to enable users to dispense instant adhesives accurately and ergonomically. The unit's manual dispensing wand accepts standard Luer Lok needles and enables deposit control by changing needles or the fine adjustment setting on the wand itself. The reservoir, which is included with the system, accepts standard 1 lb (500 g) bottles. The valve is said to be long-lasting and has a replaceable diaphragm that reportedly produces more than 1,000,000 cycles. Kahnetics Dispensing Systems, a Kahnetics LLC Co., Bloomington, Calif.


Dispensing SystemThe 700 System is for dispensing adhesives, sealants and many manufacturing-line materials. Suitable for increasing production and assembly control, this system is said to incorporate the right level of design for accurate and controlled applications. Precision, silicone- and chloride-free molding and design reportedly eliminate waste, rejection and rework on-line. Techcon Systems, Carson, Calif.


Pump DispenserThe PPD-119 peristaltic pump dispenser is designed to provide "volumetric" dispensing of low-viscosity materials such as cyanoacrylates, oils and solvents without the need for compressed air. It uses peristaltic pump technology to dispense material directly from the bottle or can. By eliminating the need to transfer the material from its original packaging, the risk of material contamination and operator contact are reportedly reduced. Dispensed amounts may be controlled manually or by the built-in timers, allowing for a flow rate as low as 0.006 cc per shot. I&J Fisnar Inc., Fair Lawn, N.J.


Automatic Spraying SystemThe AutoJet automatic spraying system is a modular system that is said to offer controlled, precise automatic spraying. It is designed to spray everything from small dots to a smooth, uniform coating. Suitable for any low-flow-rate application, such as moistening, lubricating, cooling or coating, the system consists of four basic components: an electronic controller/driver, an engineered valve package, a pressure tank and a movable cart. It can adapt to several of the company's air- or electrically actuated spray guns, and air-atomizing or hydraulic-spray nozzles. Spraying Systems Co., Wheaton, Ill.



Board-level Encapsulation SystemA co-curable semiconductor encapsulating system, ME-455 and ME-456 pair a non-flowing dam material with a high-flow fill material. The use of both reportedly allows the encapsulation of fine-pitch, high-I/O-count devices both at the PCB and semiconductor package level. Both materials are said to offer high Tg with low CTE, good thermal shock performance and a cure schedule of 30 minutes at 150°C. Thermoset, Lord Chemical Products, Indianapolis, Ind.


Dip CoatersThese two dip-coating systems are for coating PCBs in nonautomated production settings. The P-3201 is a stand-alone floor model, while the PL-3201 is a tabletop unit designed for lab and short-run operations. These dip systems can be used to apply urethane, epoxy, silicone and acrylic coatings, as well as photoresists and soldermask materials to PCBs. Both have a stationary tank and an air-over-oil cylinder mechanism to move PCBs into and out of the coating tank. Dip-system immersion and withdrawal rates are said to be independently adjustable, and multiple boards can be handled simultaneously. Specialty Coating Systems, Indianapolis, Ind.

Interface MaterialThe ULTRAstick thermal-interface material features a hand-held applicator to apply the solid, silicone-free thermal-interface material to both heat sink and electronic-component surfaces. It reportedly undergoes a phase change at 60°C and becomes a highly thermal-conductive liquid that displaces air and fills voids in the contact area. The material is designed to improve thermal performance and replace messy, difficult-to-apply thermal greases for applications requiring heat sinks in digital and power electronics. Aavid Thermal Products Inc., a division of Aavid Thermal Technologies Inc., Concord, N.H.

Polyurethane EncapsulantBy passing 1,500 hours HAST testing with no failures, E/U/1444 polyurethane glob-top encapsulant reportedly exceeded the most severe relevant IEC standard by a factor of three. This two-part polyurethane material is said to be a low-stress, protective encapsulant that is suitable for applications including COB assemblies, large-area multiunit substrates and components such as BGA devices. It also is hydrophobic and able to meet the JEDEC A112 Level 1 specification relating to the effects of absorbed moisture within the encapsulant (known as "popcorning"). Multicore Solders Inc., Richardson, Texas.


Underfill3563 is said to be a high-reliability, fast-flowing underfill epoxy encapsulant for use in high-production flip-chip applications where process speed is a key concern. The product reportedly minimizes induced stresses, is easy to dispense, and provides temperature-cycling performance and chemical resistance. It cures on exposure to heat, with full cure in 5 minutes at 150°C, and also is said to penetrate gaps as small as 0.001". Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn.

Epoxy CompoundCC-1154 is a clear, semirigid epoxy system that is said to be nonabrasive and machinable. Read-through clarity reportedly allows identification of parts, numerals and settings on embedded components. Impact resistance, plus moisture and chemical resistance, are said to offer protection. It is suitable for use on electronic modules, cable splices, transformers, relays, switches, transformers and coils. John C. Dolph Co., Edison, N.J.


SealantAremco-Seal 529 is said to be an advanced, single-part silicone coating that is thermally, mechanically and optically stable to 600°F. After curing, the product reportedly is non-crazing and chemically and moisture resistant. It also is said to be resistant to thermal shock, optically clear and demonstrate a high dielectric strength of 350 V per mil. It is suitable for sealing ceramic-filled or ceramic-coated cartridge heaters and high-power resistors. Aremco Products Inc., Valley Cottage, N.Y.

Flexible Laminate SystemPyralux VR is a clear UL VTM-0 flexible laminate system that is said to offer the benefits of epoxy with the convenience of acrylic. The system's copper clads, coverlay, bondply and sheet adhesive reportedly can be "dropped in" to conventional flux circuit fabrication all-acrylic process lines with minimal process adjustments. A low-flow material, the product requires no refrigeration and is stain-resistant. Its adhesive and heat-resistant copper treatment are designed to withstand harsh environments. DuPont, Wilmington, Del.


DFX Products and ServicesDFX Manager is a comprehensive set of new products and services that reportedly help global corporations optimize the product development process. Highlights include: Process Advisor, which verifies designs against complex production rules; Build Manager, which manages manufacturing data requirements for multiple vendors; Design Release, which combines schematics, layout and library data automatically into a self-contained object for release to a PDM system; and DFX Services, provided by the company's engineering consulting team, which integrate it into production environments. Intercept Technology Inc., Atlanta, Ga.

Full-service ManufacturingThis company reportedly offers full-service manufacturing solutions. The list of offered services includes: design and testing; component sourcing; production tooling; PCB assembly; injection molding; casting, machining and stamping; product assembly; packaging; quality assurance; and document and freight management. Core competencies include electronic assemblies, molded plastic and rubber, and cast, stamped and machined metal. International Technical Services (USA) Inc., Asheville, N.C.


Custom TipsIn the event that a customer requires a specific tip geometry that is not available in this company's regular product offering, a Custom Tip Program is offered. A tip cartridge will be manufactured solely for the customer's application, as well as for various MC and STSS soldering, desoldering and rework systems. All custom tips feature SmartHeat technology, which is said to deliver the right amount of direct thermal power for rework at safe and steady temperatures. Metcal Inc., a division of OK International, Menlo Park, Calif.

Turnkey ServicesAt its 114,000 sq. ft. facility, this CM offers turnkey electronic manufacturing services, including high-level assembly and box-build capabilities. Other capabilities reportedly include: comprehensive materials management; continuous flow manufacturing; warranty and field service support; comprehensive test and stress screening capabilities; strategic customer management; through-hole and surface mount; prototype services; statistical process control; part traceability and component tracking; and design and test support of product manufacturing quality initiatives. Oneida Nation Electronics, Green Bay, Wis.



Nd:YAG Laser MarkingThe LM45 laser marking system consists of an Nd:YAG laser marker integrated with an ergonomically designed workstation. Using high-speed X-Y galvanometers, the laser beam is directed to the work surface through a flat field lens, producing a 5 sq. in. marking area. Laser spot diameters as small as 0.003" reportedly produce clean, high-contrast marks over the entire marking area. The system is said to be capable of directly and permanently marking a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, semiconductors and ceramics. Unitek Miyachi Lasers, Monrovia, Calif.

Solder Paste Freshness DetectorUsing technology originally developed for the food industry, Time Temperature Indicator (TTI) labels reportedly detect solder paste freshness. The company customized the label to solder paste sensitivities and specifications. It reflects environmental changes to a solder paste jar with a simple, colored visual cue that can be compared to a printed color reference guide to gauge the condition of the paste. Manufacturers' Services Ltd., Concord, Mass.



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