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Thin-film FusesThe Accu-Guard Series of thin-film fuses have current values from 150 mA to 5 A in sizes including 0603, 0805, 1206 and 0612. Featuring accurate current ratings and fast response time, the fuses are reportedly ideal for telecommunications applications, battery chargers and packs, hard disk drives, LCD screens and digital video camera equipment. The fuses are sold on tape-and-reel packaging and are compatible with high-speed automated assembly equipment. AVX Corp., Myrtle Beach, S.C.


μBGA Test/Debug SystemIntended for debug/functional validation during the design and prototype stage of product development, the Chip Scale Package Signal Access Tool Kit (SAT) is said to provide access to individual signals on the PCB and μBGA package. Access to these I/O signals is made possible by rotating the test points around the perimeter of the package, while respecting most of the PCB's off-limit zones. With a footprint compatible with the μBGA package, the kit reportedly fits directly onto the PCB landpad site, eliminating the need for redesign. Connection is accomplished with a two-step reflow process using standard equipment. The MicroGripper test clip's tynes are rotated 90° to further simplify μBGA package access. Emulation Technology Inc., Santa Clara, Calif.


Conductivity/Resistivity SystemsThe +GF+ SIGNET conductivity/resistivity systems consist of the 2819 conductivity/resistivity sensor, and either the 5800CR ProPoint conductivity/resistivity monitor or the 9050CR Intelek-Pro controller. Suited for reverse osmosis and deionization systems, the sensor features a 0.01 cell constant and is designed for conductivity values in the 0.055 to 100 μS (0.1 to 18.3 MW) range. It features 316 stainless-steel construction, in-line or submersible mounting, and built-in temperature compensation. The conductivity/resistivity monitor provides analog and digital readings, accommodating a range of applications without factory configuration. The microprocessor-based, dual-channel conductivity controller is said to enable monitoring and control of resistivity to 18.3 MW and conducitivity to 400,000 μS. George Fischer Inc., Tustin, Calif.


Circular Blade DepanelizerThe K2000 motorized circular blade PCB depanelizer has side work tables for separating prescored PCBs without dust or scrap. The PCB panels are singulated by passing the scoreline between two circular blades. Front and back blade guards are said to ensure operator safety. An adjustable front blade guide also ensures that only the scoreline can be passed to the cutting edge. The operator places the scoreline of the PCB onto the front blade guard and passes it to the cutting area. The motorized lower blade will pull the PCB through to separate panels. FKN Systek Inc., Waltham, Mass.


Screen PrinterThe SP28P-D high-speed screen printer uses a printing technique known as "Thomas." This technique, which is based on a new acceleration theory, conducts a detailed analysis of the printing mechanisms involved in solder filling and PCB snap-off. The printer is reportedly able to yield a stable printing quality in approximately half the time as other screen printers. Stencil cleaning time is also said to be reduced by half. This machine has a tact time of eight seconds (plus print time), with a printing accuracy of ±0.025 mm and a position repeatability of ±0.0075 mm. It accommodates board sizes of 2 x 2" to 14 x 18", with a screen frame size of 29 x 29" (other frame sizes are available as an option). Create Group, Panasonic Factory Automation Co., Franklin Park, Ill.


Large Board AssemblerThe QSV-W large board assembler is said to provide the largest board size capability in the industry. It assembles boards measuring up to 30 x 24" (762 x 610 mm) while in standard mode in a single pass using its front-loading, shuttle-style workholder. In shuttle mode, the operator indexes the workholder to a second pin-registered position to accommodate boards up to 30 x 48" (762 x 1,219 mm). The user may further extend the board-size capability to 35 x 48" (889 x 1,219 mm) by removing the standard upward vision camera and JEDEC tray holder. Quad Systems Corp., Willow Grove, Pa.


Thermally Conductive AdhesivesThe company offers a line of single-component thermally conductive adhesives available in three single-component technologies: activator-initiated, room-temperature-curing acrylics; heat-curable silicones; and UV light-/heat-curable acrylics and urethanes. The first category includes 315, a self-shimming paste; 383, an adhesive for permanent bonding; 384, a repairable adhesive; and 3873, a self-shimming paste for bonding heat-generated devices. The other lines include 3151, 3870, 3871 and 3872. Loctite Corp., Rocky Hill, Conn.

Epoxy AdhesiveThe 120-23 is a pad-printable, electrically conductive, one-part epoxy adhesive that can be both B-stageable and snap-cured. It features thermal stability and high-temperature properties and can be applied by pad printing, dipping and syringe dispensing. Applications include bonding capacitors to lead frames, assembly of electrical and electronic components, and die attachment. Creative Materials Inc., Tyngsboro, Mass.


Single-component AdhesiveThe EPO-TEK E3084 is a single-component, solvent-free, silver-filled polymer that features a high glass transition temperature (Tg) and low-storage modulus. It is designed for high-temperature, low-stress applications, including those in the flip chip, automotive and military/aerospace industries. When cured for one hour in a 250°C environment, the adhesive is said to have a greater than 300°C Tg. In addition, the storage modulus is 201,000 psi at room temperature. Epoxy Technology, Billerica, Mass.


Thermally Conductive EpoxyDuralco 132 is a thermally conductive epoxy that cures at room temperature to form thermally conductive bonds for use in high-power, high-temperature industrial, electrical or electronic applications. The epoxy has adhesion to ceramics, glass, metals and plastics, and is said to offer chemical, solvent and moisture resistance, as well as high thermal conductivity to 500°F. It can be used as a heat-tracing adhesive to replace soldering and welding, as well as to bond and assemble heating and cooling coils, heating elements, heat sinks, reaction vessels, semiconductors, etc. Cotronics Corp., Brooklyn, N.Y.


Ceramic Adhesives KitsThe Cermabond 585-A, 585-B and 585-C kits include 4 oz each of up to 11 different high-temperature ceramic adhesives. These inorganic formulations can be used for bonding, coating and potting ceramics, metals, glass, graphites, textiles and composite materials used in design, process and maintenance applications up to 3,200°F. These adhesives are inert, dielectric materials that are water-based and do not ouTgas after a low-temperature cure at 200°F. Aremco Products Inc., Valley Cottage, N.Y.


Epoxy ResinDolphon CC-1152 epoxy resin is a thixotropic, flexible resin that exhibits bond strength. It was developed specifically for units that need to resist cracking and withstand thermal shock under harsh conditions, including seawater submersion. The resin features a greater than 0.0025" film build per side with a Shore D hardness of 60 at 25°C. John C. Dolph Co., Monmouth Junction, N.J.


PCB Handling EquipmentThe CIMTRAK line of PCB handling equipment is available in both single- and dual-lane configurations. The line includes conveyor systems, loaders/unloaders, FIFO buffers, inverters, shuttle and lift gates, slide and turn stations, label placers and other related equipment. It is said to allow for full integration of handling systems into a CIM environment, where the total assembly process can be optimized for maximum yields. Selected equipment, such as buffers and loaders/unloaders, can be provided with CIM ports for direct data input. Crown Simplimatic, Lynchburg, Va.


Depanelling CellThe HiSAC depanelling cell is designed to integrate into any production line. It is said to offer precise, stress-free breakout for boards of any shape and size, while allowing panels to remain rigid and strong. It is operator-free, with panels being brought directly into the cell on a PCB conveyor, and after depanelling, individually passed on to the next assembly stage. PMJ automec USA Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas.

PCB Transport SystemThe Quantis SMT reflow soldering system reportedly combines several features, such as the Gripper PCB edge-holding system, the Parallox precision rail parallelism control and board-support systems, to prevent component misalignment, reduce vibration and prevent PCB warpage. Keeping boards planar is said to ensure excellent results with second pass and final assembly. Thin or panelized boards are properly supported. The system, which is said to be friction- and maintenance-free, employs duplex roller chains that do not require lubrication under normal conditions. Vitronics Soltec North America, a Dover Technologies Co., Stratham, N.H.


Intelligent Feeder ModuleThis series of feeder systems is designed to easily interface with a range of placement platforms and other host systems. Unique to the design are features reported to be previously unavailable in tray feeder technology. Using an embedded control board, each feeder can provide real-time status information including tray in position, fault detection, low materials and output full signals to the host platform. Two standard versions accommodate either 2 x 2" or 4 x 4" matrix trays in the regular or inverted format. Envision Technologies, Palm Bay, Fla.



Central Vacuum Cleaning SystemThe Nilfisk GB 1133 vacuum cleaner supplies an airflow of 757 cfm and 145" of waterlift. It can service multiple cleanrooms in the same facility via a series of drops and inlets. It has an enclosed, fan-cooled, three-phase induction motor with a regenerative blower. The first stage of the vacuum's filtration system is an 18-gallon container that captures the bulk of collected debris. The second stage includes 72 GORE-TEX main filter tubes. The final stage of filtration is four HEPA filters. The vacuum's orifice can accommodate a single hose up to 100 mm, a double hose up to 70 mm or a triple hose up to 50 mm. Nilfisk-Advance America Inc., Malvern, Pa.

Ultrasonic SMT Stencil CleanersDeveloped exclusively for use with fine-pitch and ultra-fine-pitch PCB stencils and related components, the PMR-3000 and PMR-5000 are 10 μm filtered, two-tank units. They feature 40 kHz ultrasonics for washing and rinsing, heat, filtration, and ergonomically designed operator controls and fixtures. The ultrasonic process permits penetration of minute crevices in stencils to remove solder paste, flux or SMD adhesives. The buffered chemistry contains no saponifiers, VOCs or hazardous materials, is suitable for reduction by evaporation and only needs recharging every four months. PMR Systems Inc., Tempe, Ariz.

Screen CleaningBIO-WASH is a blend of cleaning solutions that meet standards for cleaning of all inks used in the screen printing process. It has a low-VOC rating and is said to meet or exceed most guidelines. It can be used straight from the container for most ink systems and works best on UV, Plastisol, epoxy and solvent-based inks. The solution is available in 1 quart, 1 gal, 5 gal and 55 gal containers. A.W.T. World Trade Inc., Chicago, Ill.

Screen and Stencil CleaningThe StencilSonic Series is designed for use with screen and stencil cleaning chem-istries like Petroferm's Vertex AC. This water-based, neutral chemistry is engineered to remove a broad range of solder pastes, SMD adhesives and misprint residue. It operates at a low temperature to reportedly eliminate risks such as screen distortion, softening of polymer components or heat-cured epoxies. Branson Ultrasonics Corp., Danbury, Conn.


Pen File Burnisher CleanerThe pocket-type burnisher cleaner is designed for cleaning relays, solenoids, meter and other electronic mechanical devices and automated equipment. Adjusting the blade's length and rigidity is possible by varying its depth in the chuck. The contact burnisher is non-residual, and leaves no grit or dust on the contact. An insulated cap permits working on "live" contacts. The interchangeable blades are made of stainless steel, with an abrasive coating of aluminum oxide. Jonard Industries Corp., Tuckahoe, N.Y.


Electrical-grade Electrical Parts CleanerSpray No. 943 is a nonconductive, noncorrosive cleaner that is said to evaporate quickly and leave no residue. It is formulated to prevent current leakage, excessive resistance and reduced performance by removing grease, oil, wax, dirt and other contaminants from electrical machinery. It also has no flash or fire point, and is free of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons. Sprayway Inc., Addison, Ill.



UV SyringeThis UV-translucent syringe package provides protection for light-sensitive materials and is enhanced with a UV inhibitor that blocks out the full spectrum of light up to 405 nm. Under most normal lighting conditions, UV-curable or light-sensitive adhesives harden over time. With the UV blocker, the hardening process is prevented, and by making the syringe translucent, the operator is able to view the material to ensure that it does not cause the syringe to seize up. Fishman Corp., Hopkinton, Mass.


Electropneumatic DispensingAutobonder 2011 is a semiautomatic electropneumatic dispensing system designed to precisely dispense adhesives or other materials. All contact components are constructed of inert materials to allow dispensing of the most aggressive chemicals, including highly reactive adhesives such as cyanoacrylates and anaerobics. The standard system includes Hernon Valve 8, a pneumatic diaphragm Teflon shut valve that can accommodate materials with viscosities ranging from 1 to 3,000 cps. Other valves are available to facilitate dispensing of higher viscosity compounds. Hernon Manufacturing Inc., Sanford, Fla.


Positive-displacement Valve The MV300 positive-displacement valve is engineered to provide repeatable dot sizes from 0.0010 to 0.0125 cc for a range of assembly materials. A stroke adjuster varies the stroke length of the needle. The valve's stainless-steel design permits fluid inlet pressure up to 300 psi, allowing dispensing of thin as well as thick substances. Contamination of the air section is minimized by the divorced valve design, which separates the materials body from the air body. A valve controller is also available. Precision Valve & Automation Inc., Halfmoon, N.Y.



Fume ExtractionThis metal fume extraction Plenum provides wide-area fume extraction for benchtop applications, such as hand-soldering operations and adhesive applications, while circulating clean air back into the workplace. This accessory is static-safe and has a shelf-like design. It is 18 x 5 x 5" and comes with 8' of flexible hose for connection to central filtration unit. Pace Inc., Laurel, Md.


Tip Fume-extraction SystemThe T-Series range of purification systems removes soldering fumes right at the source the soldering iron tip. The systems continuously draw toxic gases and fumes away from the work area, even while the iron is at rest in its holder. Fumes are removed through a filtration system and clean air is returned to the workplace. The systems do not require compressed air. The controls have an LCD digital display that monitors filter life, gas filter sensing, temperature monitoring and running/service time. Airidus, a Div. of OK International, Menlo Park, Calif.


Purification SystemThe 7000/3000 WSM extraction system processes fumes from wavesolder machines and recirculates purified air back into the workplace. A high-volume pre-filter absorbs the many larger particulates generated by wavesolder machines. Following pre-filter, the system provides an ultra-high-capacity unburstable HEPA filter. A large chemical absorption filter then removes the gases generated by wave soldering in particular, isopropyl alcohol. Purex Fume Extraction and Purification Systems, Long Beach, Calif.


Universal Heat SinkThis microprocessor cooler is said to be a drop-in solution that works with Intel, Cyrix, AMD and IDT CPUs, as well as the Socket 7 ZIF and the 370-pin ZIF. The No. 029629 universal heat sink's fan uses a dual feedthrough four-pin connector to ease connection to the power supply. Additional features include a locking rail to minimize heat sink movement, phase-change interface material and a pull tab designed to protect this material during shipping. Aavid Thermal Products Inc., Concord, N.H.


Burn-in SocketThe Series 702 TSOP II burn-in socket is for use in manufacturing memory chips in the IC industry. The socket's small profile reportedly allows memory manufacturers to place more sockets per burn-in board, increasing the throughput per board/system. Other features include a compression surface mount termination to the burn-in board, which facilitates both the burn-in board trace routing as well as occasional socket replacements. The socket also permits dual contact-point engagement with the sides of the TSOP II device to enhance the ability to process several leadform factors through noncustomized sockets. WELLS-CTI, a Div. of PCD Inc., South Bend, Ind.


Programming AdapterThe PA756-68 programming adapter is engineered to convert the pinout of the 68-pin PLCC PIC17C756 to the footprint of a 40-pin DIP PIC17C44. The adapter features a 68-pin auto-eject Yamaichi socket and a 40-pin 0.6" wide DIP plug populated with 0.025 in2 pins. All pins are gold, and the socket and PCB are modular to ease replacement. Logical Systems Corp., Syracuse, N.Y.


Medium-voltage FusesThe company has expanded its line of medium-voltage fuses and also can build and ship these fuses on an emergency basis to industrial customers within 24 hours. In voltages ranging from 2,400 to 38,000 VAC, E-rated fuses protect power transformers, potential transformers, power centers, feeder-circuits and unit substations against high and low values of fault current. R-rated fuses provide back-up short-circuit protection for medium-voltage motors, motor controllers and related circuitry. They are available in voltages ranging from 825 to 38,000 VAC, in both bolt-in mounts and clip-lock styles. Littelfuse Inc., POWR-GARD Products Div., Des Plaines, Ill.


DC/DC Converter Socket CarriersIntended to ease field replacement and repair of DC/DC converters, these socket carriers consist of rigid FR-4 wafers with pins installed to match the converter footprint. Individual socket receptacles that accept the signal and power pins of the converter are loaded onto the pins. The carrier is designed to accurately locate and hold down the receptacles during the soldering process, after which time the carrier is removed and the converter is plugged into the receptacle array. Precision-machined housings hold a pressfit beryllium-copper spring contact. Mill-Max Mfg. Corp., Oyster Bay, N.Y.


Adapter SocketsThe APC860-1 BGA to PGA adapter converts the Motorola MPC860 BGA to a standard 19 x 19 PGA footprint. The adapter is routed to incorporate power and ground signals with capacitors and can be used for prototyping as well as production requirements. The adapter is available in single pieces or in pallet form for high-volume applications. Interconnect Systems Inc. (ISI), Camarillo, Calif.



Product IdentificationDecorCode metallized polyester labels are suitable for general manufacturing needs, including rating plates, faceplates and other markings requiring variable data initiated on the site. This UL-recognized material is fully printable polyester label stock that is suitable for use in any thermal-transfer printer as well as automatic placement with application machinery. This product-tracking automatic identification reportedly can withstand high heat, humidity and solvents. Imtec Inc., Bellows Falls, Vt.



PCI Frame GrabbersThe CompactPCI and PC/104-Plus versions of this company's Meteor-II PCI frame grabbers reportedly marry the latest PCI bus video-capture technology to compact form factors. Suitable for use in harsh industrial environments and embedded applications, the frame grabbers provide OEMs and integrators with image-capture hardware that is supported by development software. They interface to standard NTSC, PAL, RS-170, and CCIR cameras and devices. They are said to provide real-time color and monochrome video capture, multiple video inputs, PCI bus mastering capabilities, sustained transfers to system memory at up to 130 MB per second, 4 MB on-board memory and trigger input. Matrox Imaging, Div. of Matrox Corp. Group, Dorval, Quebec, Canada.


Web Inspection SystemThe Model 3040 video web inspection system is designed to make it possible to add high-speed inspection capabilities to ensure delivered product quality. It uses high-speed, 2,048 pixel CCD line-scan video cameras combined with RKB signal processing technologies for detection of random defects such as coating skips, holes, spots and dirt. The system provides on-line inspection for a variety of web materials including papers, plastics, metals and films. It reportedly can span the entire web width for 100 percent inspection of the web material. R.K.B. Opto-Electronics Inc., Syracuse, N.Y.


Digital Microscope CameraThe high-resolution Digital Microscope Camera (DMC) Ie is for capturing digital images directly from a microscope. It is said to offer up to 1,600 x 1,200 color output resolution, an increased preview rate in color and black-and-white of up to 11 frames per second, and 12-bit per channel linear RGB images. The product also provides a color-focusing aid, automatic white balance and color correction for sharper, more vibrant images. It is suitable for microscopists or technicians who have a need to capture precise scientific measurements for the purpose of analyzing, documenting, communicating or archiving work. Polaroid Corp., Cambridge, Mass.


ESD-safe Magnification LightThe ESD Omnivue magnification light is an ESD-safe lighting fixture. Reportedly, the magnification light can be used for ESD electronic assembly and inspection areas to help maintain the effectiveness of ESD-control programs. All plastic luminaire parts are manufactured with static-dissipative materials. The optical quality glass magnifier has a multilayer conductive coating, and all steel parts are coated with static dissipative varnish. The lamp diffuser uses a tin-oxide coating. The light uses three 9 W fluorescent lamps that provide two light levels. A 3-diopter, fully rotational, magnifier lens, treated with conductive coatings, reportedly provides precise positioning. It has a spring-loaded base and arm with a 43" reach. Waldmann Lighting, Wheeling, Ill.

Optical Inspection SystemThe fifth-generation Automated Inspection & Measurement Station (AIMS) is an adaptive, knowledge-based AOI system that detects and classifies defects in complex PCAs. The system reportedly has improved lighting balance with a new LED illumination system that provides better lead image quality. Its platform includes a new mechanical design. A precision machined and welded steel frame, along with a granite surface plate, is mounted on pneumatic vibration isolators for stability. The camera is moved with linear motors on crossed-roller bearings with a 0.2 μm encoder. Intelligent Reasoning Systems Inc., Austin, Texas.


Placement MachinesTwo new placement machines the MY9 and MY12 have been added to the company's line and are suitable for customers requiring the flexibility for short production runs. The MY12, reportedly designed as a platform for high accuracy, can handle 160 8 mm feeders or 150 SOIC tubes, or 128 8 mm tapes and 32 JEDEC trays with the optional tray exchanger. The MY9, which has the smallest footprint of the series, can handle up to 112 8 mm feeders or 105 SOIC tubes, or 80 8 mm tapes and 32 JEDEC trays with the optional tray exchanger. MYDATA automation, Peabody, Mass.

Chip and Large-part Placement MachineThe GSM-FlexJet placement machine is a single platform capable of high-speed placement of chips and large parts. It has a seven-spindle placement head with 20 mm spacing between spindles and on-board cameras. The machine reportedly handles components from 0402s to connectors to flip chips. The nozzle changer accommodates 28 nozzles and allows programmed, one second and gang nozzle. Universal Instruments, Anaheim, Calif.

X-ray Pick-and-place AccessoryThe Spyder is a self-contained pick-and-place accessory that reportedly works with new or existing X-ray inspection systems and requires no modifications to the system. The unit sits directly on a PC board at the approximate location where a component is to be placed. Precise alignment is achieved by remote control using X-ray imaging. When properly aligned, the component pickup is lowered to place the component onto the board. The X-ray system can be used to verify accuracy of placement. PhaseFour, Groton, Mass.



NozzlesFCR nozzles are designed to focus heated air on componet leads while minimizing heat to adjacent areas. The "focused" heated gas control reportedly heats more directly and efficiently, resulting in reduced cycle times while preserving the integrity of the component and PCB. While designed for the company's FCR series of rework tools, an optional adapter allows these nozzles to be used with other hot-air systems. OK Industries, Yonker, N.Y.


Component Data-management SystemCapture CIS integrates a component information-management system with the design front-end for the Release 9 product line. This new version is said to connect engineers with the information needed to make component selections. Engineers can access part information from corporate ERP/MRP databases and from sources on the Internet. The newest version uses "active" connections between design documents and related information on the Internet. OrCAD Inc., Beaverton, Ore.

Dispensing SoftwareThis upgraded version of Fluidmove for Windows software, FMW 2.6, includes several elements intended to enhance setup, maintenance and programming of the company's fluid-dispensing systems. Upgrades offered to facilitate dual-valve setup include setup scripts, purge and flowrate maintenance timers, pot life features, thaw information, lot number and operator name information, and a low-fluid sensor. Video reticles are also used as a visual aid to determine needle size and safety areas. Using the company's single-fiducial pattern recognition system, the software allows the dispenser to quickly find the X-Y position and angle of rotation of each die, reportedly resulting in as much as 30 percent greater throughput than previous versions. Asymtek, a Nordson Co., Carlsbad, Calif.

Secure Remote Access InfrastructureThe HP secure remote access (HP-SRA) infrastructure is designed as a modem-based software solution for global company customers of UNIX- and Windows NT-based telecom, in-circuit, board, and semiconductor test and inspection systems. It is said to allow the company's engineers to view and interact with remote native applications as if they were on-site, cutting the time required for systems problem diagnosis, repair and maintenance. The system includes security, GUI, and remote networking software and hardware components, and features built-in redundancy, localized modem pools and toll-free dial-in numbers. Hewlett-Packard Co., Palo Alto, Calif.



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