Cookson Electronics' New Technology Group Delivers Advanced Process Engineering Expertise

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Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials is pleased to announce the establishment of its Global Applications Technology and Engineering group which joins Cookson's global R&D group.  This effort formally integrates the extensive knowledge base of the company's field engineer network into its vast internal applications structure.  The mission of this dedicated group is to assist Cookson's customers in solving their assembly technology, yield and reliability challenges through the utilization of Cookson's integrated understanding of process dynamics, and its expert internal testing and validation capabilities.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

"The formation of the Global Applications Technology and Engineering group gives Cookson Electronics the ability to increase its development and output of process engineering expertise into the world of electronics manufacturing," said Steve Brown, Cookson's Director of Global Applications Technology.  "This new group has been formed at a time when assemblers are continually finding new practical challenges in assembly processes, as lead-free production becomes a daily reality. At the disposal of the group is our a global team of field applications engineers along with two fully automated SMT and wave soldering lines, with automatic solder paste inspection.  This capability enables us to re-create and solve process problems from within Cookson Electronics labs, by using either Cookson test vehicles or customer specific PWBs."

About Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials

Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials, a Cookson Electronics company, is the global leader in the development, manufacturing and sales of innovative materials used in electronic assembly processes.  With a unique worldwide presence in 50 locations throughout the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Americas, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region, CEAM supplies a full line of Solder Paste, Stencils, Squeegee Blades, Stencil & PCB Cleaners, Bar Solder, Cored Wire Solder, Wave Soldering Fluxes, and SMD Adhesives.  CE Analytics is Cookson's resource for diagnostics solutions, analytical services and applications expertise.  Cookson Electronic Semiconductor Packaging is the leader in EMC and polymeric materials for semiconductor packaging.  Since its founding in 1872, Cookson has been committed to developing and manufacturing the highest quality soldering materials. That tradition continues today through its innovative products, including its line of environmentally friendly, lead-free electronic assembly products.  For more information, visit .



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