ZESTRON's Umut Tosun to Present at IPC APEX

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ZESTRON has announced that Umut Tosun, Application Technology Manager, will present a technical paper titled "pH neutral Cleaning Agents – Market Expectation & Field Performance" at the Technical Conference Cleaning session of the upcoming 2015 IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, California. The conference and exhibition will be held from February 24-26.

The introduction of pH neutral cleaning agents was a major breakthrough in 2009 for precision cleaning applications within electronics manufacturing. Since their introduction, the newly developed pH neutral formulations have proven to be capable not only of removing difficult post reflow residues from complex board geometries, but do so with excellent material compatibility of sensitive components. Additionally, they perform at low concentration levels.

In this presentation, Tosun reviews the performance of pH neutral cleaning agents as compared to alkaline cleaning agents and DI-water for cleaning No Clean, RMA and OA flux residues. The field data presented further demonstrates the effectiveness of the pH neutral cleaning agent solutions with regard to material compatibility and cleaning performance.

Tosun will present on February 25. Visit booth #2515 to learn more about ZESTRON’s complete line of pH neutral cleaning solutions.


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