Foxconn to Build Apple iPhone Manufacturing Unit in India

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Foxconn Technology is renowned as one of the largest contract manufacturers of electronic products around the world. The manufacturing giant is planning to start manufacturing iPads, and iPhones from India with an aim to reduce to the cost of production, offset the wages inflation in China, and boost the sale of Apple products in the third largest smartphone market of the world, India. 

According to Reuters, Foxconn along with its main manufacturing partner Apple Inc., is in talks with the government of India to build manufacturing facilities across Maharashtra. 

If talks between the Indian government on one side and Apple and Foxconn on the other reaps desirable result, it would entail that Apple will directly challenge Samsung Electronics position in India. The manufacturing giant is foreseeing to manufacture cheaper Apple products in the country to increase their profit margin, which according to industry experts will pit the leading smartphone manufacturing companies against each other in the country. 

With its manufacturing facility expected to soon begin operation in India, Foxconn Technology is hoping to gain greater profits for the Apple Inc. Foxconn hoping to build an Apple manufacturing plant in India entails that the smartphone market of the country will soon have a plethora of indigenously built Apple iPhones to offer, thereby posing a direct threat to Samsung Electronics and local players such as Micromax, which until today led the India market for smartphones. 

According to reports, Foxconn Technology is gearing up to establish almost ten to twelve units in India. However, when asked, the company did not divulge their plan in detail. As reported by Phone Arena, the manufacturing facilities in India will build only certain parts of the phone, and the assembly of iPhones will continue to be carried out in the facilities located in China. 

It was only last year that Foxconn was forced to pull the curtain down on its manufacturing unit in India after its client Nokia was acquired by Microsoft Corporation.



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