Special Offer on Manncorp’s Fully Automated 10,500 Cph SMT Line

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Manncorp, an industry pioneer in the supply of turnkey equipment packages for low- to medium-volume SMT assembly, has announced an exclusive, limited-time offer on one its most advanced systems.  Through the end of the summer, the $199,995 price of the 10K-HV turnkey system, which already consists of an inline stencil printer, conveyorized pick and place system, and 5-zone convection reflow oven, will also include an automatic PCB loader, two equipment connecting conveyors, an automatic unloader, and free installation and training. 

As a special bonus, a voucher for $20,000 worth of feeders will also be included for those who register for this promotion.  This allowance can be applied to any combination of smart tape or stick feeders, waffle trays, or cut strip holders for the MC-389 pick and place system. 

The three-head, 10,500 cph, MC-389 is the newest member of Manncorp’s popular MC Series of high-precision, SMD mounters and is paired perfectly with the new AP430 inline stencil printer.  Both systems feature AC servo-motor and ball screw drive mechanisms with linear encoders to couple high-resolution solder paste printing with ultra-precise placement of any SMD, including 01005 chips, µBGAs , and 12-mil (0.3 mm) QFPs.  The best-selling, CR-5000 5-zone convection reflow oven completes the 10K-HV trio and includes a 17.7" (450 mm) wide pin conveyor and KIC profile prediction software. 

Manncorp.jpgAnother key piece of this offer is the free installation and on-site training provided by Manncorp engineers — a process that typically spans a 3-4 day period and includes all aspects of mechanical setup, programming, SMEMA communication between PCB handling and process equipment, and general preventive maintenance. 

As with all of its turnkey packages, single sourcing from Manncorp ensures seamless integration and equipment compatibility.  A 2-year limited warranty on all non-wearable parts is also included, along with unlimited phone technical support and remote diagnostic capability.  For additional information and to claim the $20,000 feeder allowance, go to: manncorp.com/20k

About Manncorp

For nearly five decades, Manncorp has supplied electronics manufacturers with the world’s best values in PCB assembly equipment, direct to the customer, at the industry’s most competitive prices, and with full service and support.  Offices in three locations: East (Huntingdon Valley, PA), West (San Diego, CA) and Mexico.  



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