Solder Paste and Solder Joint Automatic Inspection Experience at SMTA International

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The SMTA announces a new feature area that will debut during the SMTA International Electronics Exhibition: the “SMTA - NPL Solder Paste and Solder Joint Automatic Inspection Experience.” This special feature will take place during both days of the SMTA International Exhibition at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois on September 29 - 30, 2015.

The special feature area, supported by SMTA & NPL, will include live printing of ultra-fine pitch deposits, 0201 and 01005 devices, inspection and measurement of different combinations of materials, plus some of the key in-process inspection steps to make a process perform correctly. It will also include AOI inspection of printed board assemblies for open joints, lifted leads, partial lifting of passives and other less common defects. A series of test boards have been specially created with known process defects to show the machines' capabilities.

Bob Willis, feature area organizer, will present a complimentary webinar on September 15 covering Solder Paste Inspection, Quality Control, Common Print and Reflow Problems - Causes & Cures. He will also showcase the activity at SMTA International.

Companies that supply equipment, materials, or products related to solder paste or solder joint automated optical inspection are welcome to partner with SMTA to showcase your products to attendees. To sign up or for further information contact Emily Stuckmayer at (952) 920-7682.

Current supporting partners to date include ASM Assembly Systems, FCT Assembly, Kester, Mirtec, SmartLoop, Tagarno, and Yxlon.

Details of the Solder Paste and Solder Joint Automatic Inspection Experience can be found here or contact SMTA Administrator JoAnn Stromberg: 952-920-7682 or

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