Scanfil Initiates Compulsory Acquisition Proceedings, PartnerTech Files for De-listing

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On 25 June 2015, Scanfil Oyj, announced that its public takeover offer to the shareholders in PartnerTech AB was declared unconditional and completed. After completion of the offer, Scanfil holds more tha 90 per cent of the shares and votes in PartnerTech and has notified PartnerTech’s board of directors that Scanfil has resolved to initiate compulsory acquisition proceedings regarding the remaining shares in the Company.

In light of the above, PartnerTech’s board of directors does not consider it reasonable for the Company to remain a listed company, and has therefore decided to apply for de-listing of the PartnerTech share from Nasdaq Stockholm. The last day of trading in the PartnerTech share at Nasdaq Stockholm will be announced as soon as the Company has been notified thereof from Nasdaq Stockholm.

Further, the board of directors has, upon request by Scanfil, decided to summon an extraordinary general meeting to be held on 29 July 2015 to inter alia elect a new board of directors in the Company (see separate press release). 



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