IMI Celebrates 35 Years

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Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI), one of the leading worldwide providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services, celebrates 35 years of operations this August.

Headquartered in the Philippines and majority owned by the Ayala Corporation, IMI today operates in multiple manufacturing sites spread out in the Philippines, China, Mexico, the USA, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, providing solutions to original electronics makers catering for both regional and international markets. It ranks 18th in the list of top EMS providers in the world of Manufacturing Market Insider (an EMS trade publication) based on 2014 EMS-related revenues. It is among the top 10 EMS players in the automotive space.

IMI president and CEO Arthur Tan told the company’s employees at its flag ceremony on August 10, “For some of us, you’ve seen the transition of IMI to what it is now– a globally accepted company in our industry. Our achievement has been marked by our resilience to survive, flourish, evolve, and live out our vision. It entailed thoughtful planning and excellent execution by everyone in the team.”

Tan likened IMI’s experience to that of Singapore which is celebrating 50 years of independence. He said, “Like Singapore, we at IMI also had to implement painful decisions to get to where we are. Taking inspiration from that island state, what will differentiate IMI from other companies is our vision, our aspiration.”

IMI continues to manufacture products that impact our lives and make this world a better place. For IMI, it is no longer about simply making a profit. By marrying profit with purpose, it constantly strives to create value for its employees, shareholders, communities, and other stakeholders.

Tan emphasized team work and said, “There is something bigger than yourselves, bigger than the company. For the next 15 years, we will continue to innovate collectively. Together we have the responsibility to take IMI to greater heights through next-generation platforms and businesses.”

“Collectively, we are looking beyond purely electronic products as we venture into products and solutions that will change the world. Our shared influence, power, and capability exceed borders and boundaries, beyond regions and countries. We have to decide and execute as one company.”

IMI Milestones

As a truly global company, IMI has made Filipinos proud that there is one of their own that has succeeded in the global arena in a technical field like electronics manufacturing. The achievement has inspired others to dream and feel confident that a local company can evolve to be a global company.

1980 IMI was established by Ayala Corporation and Resins Inc; an SME with merely 100 workers

1998 Commenced offering design services, transitioning the company to a total Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider

2005 Started establishment of global footprint with acquisition of the EMS assets of Saturn Electronics and Engineering Inc in the US and then Speedy-Tech Electronics Ltd of Singapore. IMI gained presence in China through Speedy-Tech.

2007 Received Circuits Assembly’s Service Excellence Award for Highest Overall Customer Ranking

2010 Listed by way of introduction on the Philippine Stock Exchange; acquired majority shares of power semiconductor company PSi Technologies, Inc.

2011 Acquired EPIQ NV subsidiaries in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Mexico, enabling IMI to do mass production within the European and North American regions

2014 Completed its public offering of 215,000,000 common shares on the Philippine Stock Exchange; bought out minority shareholders of PSi Technologies Inc

2015 A strong EMS player with more diversified solutions to capture more programs in higher-margin niches in the automotive, industrial, medical, and telecommunication infrastructure industries.

About IMI

Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI) is one of the leading global providers of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) and power semiconductor assembly and test services with manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America. It serves diversified markets that include those in the automotive, industrial, medical, telecommunications infrastructure, storage device, and consumer electronics industries. Committed to cost-effective and innovative customized solutions (from design and product development to manufacturing and order fulfillment), the company’s comprehensive capabilities and global manufacturing presence allow it to take on specific outsourcing needs. A subsidiary of Ayala Corporation, IMI ranks 18th on the latest list of Manufacturing Market Insider for the top 50 EMS providers in the world based on the 2014 EMS-related revenues of companies. For more information, visit



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