Changes in Efore’s Organizational Structure and Exec Team

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Efore Plc will implement a new organization to support more efficiently the Group’s strategic and financial targets. The objective for the change is to streamline Efore’s internal structure and strengthen functional responsibilities. Efore will continue to report industrial and telecommunication sector net sales externally according to previous practice.

Efore’s global organizational structure consists of seven global functions:

  • Finance and Administration
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Technology
  • Quality and Environment
  • Human Resources

“The changes in operational and management structure will help to clarify the priorities and responsibilities for each function. The new organization structure facilitates faster execution and enhances our ability to improve productivity” says Heikki Viika, President and CEO.

With these changes in operational structure, the new Efore Executive Management Team (EMT) comprises of:

  • Riitta Järnstedt, continues as CFO being responsible for Finance and Administration including ICT
  • Alessandro Leopardi, responsible for Sales and Marketing. He was previously responsible for BU Industrial at Efore.
  • John Cahill, responsible for Manufacturing. He moves to this role from heading the Tunisia manufacturing operation.
  • Ruben Tomassoni, responsible for Sourcing and Procurement. He previously held the role of Head of global Sourcing at Efore.
  • Markku Kukkonen, responsible for Quality and Environment. Markku will also cover the role of Head of Technology in addition to his new role until the nomination for the role has been finalized. He previously held the role of Head of R&D in Efore’s BU Telecom.
  • Alexander Luiga, responsible for Human Resources. He was previously responsible for BU Telecom at Efore.
  • Heikki Viika continues as President and CEO and the Chairman of EMT. He is also responsible for global communication.

All EMT members will report to President & CEO.

In conjunction with the reorganization, Mikael Malm, EVP Operations and a member of EMT, has decided to leave Efore at the end of September and pursue opportunities outside the company.

The composition of Efore’s Executive Management Team will change with immediate effect with migration to the new structure taking place by 30th September.

About Efore Group

Efore Group is an international company which develops and produces demanding power products. Efore's head office is based in Finland and its production units are located in China and Tunisia. Sales and marketing operations are located in Europe, United States and China. In the fiscal year ending in December 2014, consolidated net sales totalled EUR 85,3 million and the Group's personnel averaged 914.



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