EMS Solutions Expands PCBA Testing Department

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Utah electronic contract manufacturing services provider, EMS Solutions, expands testing facility space. Further facility expansion is on the horizon as the company continues to grow.

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of northern Utah lies EMS Solutions, a full-service contract electronic manufacturing solutions provider. As recently as Q1 2013, EMS Solutions expanded into a 41,200 square foot facility. The growth over the last two years hasn't stopped, and EMS Solutions announces further expansion of their testing area, bringing current facility space to approximately 45,000 square feet.

Dan Barker, Director of Engineering, comments on the expansion of their PCBA testing department. "We know how important quality is when it comes to electronic manufacturing services. With our expanded testing area, we're able to nearly quadruple the usable testing space. This will support continued growth and sustained quality."

The new testing space at EMS Solutions allows the contract manufacturing services provider to keep testing equipment, fixtures and tools in place to be readily available for use. This allows for increased efficiency and throughput and still provides room for further growth and additional personnel.

EMS Solutions provides a variety of PCBA and electronic contract manufacturing services.

  • printed circuit board assembly
  • through hole technology
  • cable assemblies
  • box build assemblies
  • new product introductions
  • test solutions
  • design collaboration

As demand for EMS Solutions' contract manufacturing services continues to grow, the company has additional plans for growth beyond the testing area and for the facility as a whole. Current facility space is approximately 45,000 square feet, and EMS Solutions has the capacity to more than double to upwards of 93,000 square feet.



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