LACROIX Electronics Focuses in the Medical Market

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With a view to enhancing its position and bringing its added value to the medical sector, LACROIX Electronics will, for the first time, be exhibiting at the MEDICA trade fair, from the 16th to the 19th of November in Düsseldorf, Germany.  

As a European electronics subcontractor, LACROIX Electronics pursues its business development strategy in synergy with developments in the medical market. Mindful of the sector's requirements, several of LACROIX Electronics' sites across Europe are ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and UL ZPVI2 / ZPVI8 certified and it has established an IPC A610 Class 2 and 3 accredited internal training centre. The firm focuses on traceability, reliability and quality in its customer support strategy. Whether delivering made-to-measure services to major contractors in the medical market or providing support to young companies, the firm brings significant experience in the medical sector with the design and mass production of innovative medical projects.  

Miniaturisation of connected devices

Products manufactured by LACROIX Electronics include miniaturised electronic capsules for the BodyCap company, based on the innovative eCelsius® system. When swallowed, this tiny, pill-sized device monitors temperature changes in the patient, without any intervention from medical staff, who will only be alerted if a threshold is exceeded. The system can be used for peri-operative applications in a hospital setting or in the telemedicine platforms set to be developed in the coming years.

In terms of operation, the capsule communicates using RF (radio frequency) technology with a dedicated monitor on a frequency of 434 Mhz. Transmission occurs on a continuous basis and the capsule has a storage capacity of 2,000 readings. The capsule is supplied in sterile form and can be stored for up to one year. 

In order to manufacture the product, LACROIX Electronics had to overcome a number of technological challenges. Firstly, due to the fact that the design was based on an ultra-thin, flexible PCB, a safe, appropriate manufacturing process was developed incorporating a special procedure for installing 0201, QFN and battery type components. The second distinctive feature concerns the safety aspect associated with the medical nature of the product. Before final assembly of the capsule, the components are protected with a biocompatible coating to prevent any damage to the patient's biological tissue and to ensure that the product is watertight. Finally, once the product is finished, it undergoes final testing using systems developed by LACROIX Electronics which simulate the use of the product in realistic conditions. 

Precision electronics

lacroix2.JPGLACROIX Electronics also provides its services for medical solutions in other areas: patient monitoring, imaging systems, optical equipment, connected solutions, etc. Products that are often complex require accuracy and precision. 

Take for example, a backlighting function intended to be incorporated into an X-ray imaging system. The electronic components must be fitted to a very large card while ensuring that the 2,500 LEDs are accurately positioned. 

Or a CPU board embedded in a optical glass cutting system which incorporates next generation digital functions and cutting-edge technologies to produce glass that is perfectly shaped to the desired form. 

The above examples illustrate LACROIX Electronics' innovative and technical expertise which it provides to the medical sector. LACROIX Electronics adapts to each project in order to satisfy the specific requirements of its customers. With the ever-changing needs of society, such as personal care services and home healthcare, LACROIX Electronics is constantly adding to its technological roadmap and adapting it to new trends in the target markets which include medical, aeronautics, industrial, automotive and home automation sectors. 

Come and meet the LACROIX Electronics team at the MEDICA trade fair  at stand E92 - Hall 3   

About LACROIX Electronics 

LACROIX Electronics is specialized in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) for industrial, home automation, medical, automotive, aerospace and defense electronics markets. Ranked among the top European EMS, employing more than 2900 persons, LACROIX Electronics generated a turnover of about €220.6M by the end of September 2014, which is a growth of +23,1%. With its 4 production sites and its development centre, LACROIX Electronics proposes unprecedented industrial end-to-end solutions starting with design in R&D centres up to series production. 

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