NOTE Reports Continued Positive Development in Q3

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NOTE’s Interim Report January–September 2015

Financial performance July–September

  • Sales were SEK 261.5 (235.5) million.
  • Operating profit was SEK 11.6 (10.4) million.
  • Operating margin was 4.4% (4.4%).
  • Profit after financial items was 10.4 (9.8) million.
  • Profit after tax was SEK 9.8 (8.7) million, corresponding to SEK 0.34 (0.30) per share.
  • Cash flow after investments was SEK -24.0 (-23.2) million, or SEK -0.83 (-0.80) per share.

Financial performance January–September

  • Sales were SEK 816.3 (715.9) million.
  • Operating profit was 34.7 (23.7) million.
  • Operating margin was 4.3% (3.3%).
  • Profit after financial items was 30.6 (20.7) million.
  • Profit after tax was SEK 27.6 (17.5) million, corresponding to SEK 0.96 (0.61) per share.
  • Cash flow after investments was SEK -20.3 (-8.3) million, or SEK -0.70 (-0.29) per share.

"Year to date, NOTE achieved sales growth of 14%. Several of our customers are experiencing a positive momentum. Operating profit for the first three quarters improved by SEK 11.0 million to SEK 34.7 million. Operating margin increased by 1.0 percentage points to 4.3%.

Our order book continues to indicate positive volume growth in the fourth quarter, and our Balance Sheet remains strong", says Peter Laveson, CEO and President.



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