Mycronic 4.0 to be launched at Productronica 2015

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In response to the SMT industry’s urgent need to counter the ongoing productivity decline caused by increasing complexity, Mycronic launches its manufacturing concept Mycronic 4.0 – a highly automated, intelligent factory for just-in-time production – at Productronica  2015 (November 10-13, Munich Trade Fair Center).

Today’s electronics industry faces a harsh reality - last-minute customer requests, stock accuracy issues and more and more changeovers together with an increasing number of NPIs. The industry has recently elevated the attention and concern regarding the decline in productivity. Initiatives like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory are high on the agenda in many companies. Mycronic’s response to these companies’ growing concern, and the SMT industry’s need for higher productivity, is Mycronic 4.0.  

At booth A3 341, the full Mycronic 4.0 concept will be on display – an intelligent factory enabling full visibility planning, complete material tracking, efficient changeovers, automated replenishment and intelligent storage solutions. Mycronic 4.0 is a complete, agile manufacturing solution that masters the complexity of modern electronics production. “Our industry is facing a number of challenges, achieving productivity levels that are sustainable,” says Robert Göthner, Senior VP and General Manager for BA SMT. “We are convinced that Mycronic 4.0 will deliver real efficiency gains for our customers.” Citing a recent study by Mentor Graphics, in which many SMT operations averaged as little as 20% absolute productivity, Göthner points out that Mycronic’s knowledge and integrated solutions make it possible  for manufacturers to achieve up to three times higher productivity without additional staff.

Comprehensive solutions for just-in-time production

The high-speed MY200DX Synergy line will showcase the next generation in agile performance with near-production storage for proactive component replenishment and efficient high-mix kitting at top speeds. A high-mix line, combining the MY200SX pick-and-place with the industry-leading MY600 solder paste jet printer, will highlight the industry’s lowest changeover costs, thanks to automated component storage with on-reel Agilis™ feeders. Other advances in software-driven productivity include the new Agilis™ Smart Bin system for paperless operator guidance and factory-wide material tracking. Together with a comprehensive software suite for assembly process management, data preparation, production planning, inventory management, line control and traceability, the full range of Mycronic 4.0 solutions on display represents a holistic, 360-degree approach to modern SMT manufacturing.

MY600 enables more than one million perfect solder joints per hour

The highly versatile MY600 jet printing platform will also be on full display at Productronica, including new capabilities for high-precision printing on large boards up to 762 mm x 508 mm (30” x 20”). With solder paste application reaching speeds up to 1,080,000 dots per hour, MY600 reduces setup and changeover times to a bare minimum. The technology allows for individual adjustments of shape and volume for each solder paste deposit to achieve perfect quality solder joints while addressing the demands of cavities, package-on-package, and other new board assembly technologies. 

New Agilis Smart Bin system for digital changeover guidance

An important enabler of the intelligent paperless factory, the new Agilis™ Smart Bin System allows operators to receive just-in-time information about material movements anywhere on the shop floor. So-called e-labels attached directly to the Agilis™ Smart Bins provide continuous tracking thanks to a factory-wide wireless communication link. Controlled by the MYCenter Material Handling software, the system guides the operator through the entire kitting and changeover process by presenting instructions on the PC monitor as well as new e-labels. As a result, operators can work more efficiently and instantly locate missing material by sending a signal directly to the electronic label.

New higher capacity storage solution for 15" reels

A new SMD Tower, now capable of storing component reels up to 15” in diameter, answers the needs for automated storage among higher volume manufacturers. Able to handle reels ranging from 4” to 15”, as well as JEDEC trays, the highly compact solution has expanded its capacity to an impressive 980 component reels within a single unit. Due to its high degree of built-in intelligence and automation, the SMD Tower is a key enabler of efficient material handling and proactive component replenishment, particularly when used in combination with MY200 pick-and-place machines.

New large board option for MY600 Jet Printer

Based on its long experience in large-board handling, Mycronic has extended its offering to provide added capacity and options for jet printing large boards. This added capability is often necessary in the production of server back planes, burn-in boards, LED tube lighting or panels for large LED displays. The MY600 Jet Printer now offers options to extend board capacity by 50%, up to 30” × 20” (762 × 508 mm) with weights up to 11 lbs (5 kg). Together with the MY200 pick-and-place platform, Mycronic offers a flexible and versatile total assembly solution for large-board applications.

Reaching new heights in productivity

Visitors to the Mycronic booth will be encouraged to engage with a range of innovative new ways to close productivity gaps not just on the shop floor, but throughout the entire processes in the factories. “Our latest innovations show that we as an industry can tackle the rising complexity of material and information handling,” concludes Göthner. “Mycronic 4.0 is our answer to manufacturers’ demands for significantly higher productivity, and visitors to Productronica will have the opportunity to address their challenges with a business partner capable of delivering measurable results.”

About Mycronic AB

Mycronic AB is a Swedish high-tech company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of production equipment to the electronics industry. Mycronic headquarters are located in Täby, north of Stockholm and the Group has subsidiaries in China, France, Germany Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. For more information see our web site at: 



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