Ryder EMS Receives Apple MFi 6.4 License for Design and Manufacturing

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Ryder Industries Ltd, the Swiss-owned EMS provider with manufacturing facilities in China, today announced that it has recently received Apple’s MFi 6.4 license for design and manufacturing. This new license is a further endorsement of Ryder by the world’s most valuable company, and means that Ryder is ready to bring the very latest smart devices to market, with its usual quality, speed and service.

With the MFi 6.4 manufacturing license, Ryder is now able to use Apple logos in product packaging, design and manufacture products for the iPhone, iPad and iPod lines, purchase parts and accessories from Apple agents, and access full technical support from Apple, including product design and development, product certification testing, and manufacturing.

What makes the MFi 6.4 license special is its updated HomeKit function. HomeKit is a framework for communicating with and controlling connected home automation accessories that support Apple's HomeKit Accessory Protocol. HomeKit apps enable users to discover compatible accessories and configure them. Users can also create actions to control accessories (such as a thermostats or lighting), group them together, and trigger them by using Siri. HomeKit supports remote access to accessories, multiple user devices, and multiple users. HomeKit also ensures users’ security and privacy.

Ryder will be able to build products that support HomeKit and iOS 8's new framework for smart devices within the home, and has just signed their first customer in this space.  For more information about Ryder, please visit: www.ryderems.com.

About Ryder

Ryder Industries Ltd. is a pure EMS company. With in-house SMT, plastic tool-making and injection, laser engraving, engineering design and certification, Ryder provides one-stop EMS service. It has more than 36 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing electronic products. It provides engineering services in mechanical and electronic design, as well as software and firmware programming.

For more information, visit www.ryderems.com

About Apple

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation which designs, manufactures, and sells computers, music players and mobile communication devices. Its well-known hardware products include iMac, iPod and iPhone. Its software includes iOS operating system, iTunes media browser and more.



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