Probe Manufacturing Changes Name to Clean Energy Technologies

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Probe Manufacturing Inc. has completed the change of its corporate name to Clean Energy Technologies Inc. The company name change was implemented to more closely and accurately associate the company's name with the company's current and future business focus. The company is seeking also to change its trading symbol to reflect the changed name.

The company's recently completed Heat Recovery Solutions asset acquisition from General Electric International Inc. will serve as the foundation of the company's new focus on clean energy and environmentally sustainable technologies.  The company intends to leverage its stable and ongoing engineering and manufacturing services also to support the company's focus on clean energy and environmentally sustainable technologies. The company believes that this flexible and broad skill set will position the company well for the acquisition or integration of additional clean energy and environmentally sustainable technologies onto the Clean Energy Technologies Inc. platform.

The company's strategy to focus on clean energy and environmentally sustainable technologies was first announced in early 2015.  The company anticipates that it's recent acquisition of GE Heat Recovery Solutions will continue to leverage its core expertise on supporting emerging growth technologies and companies with clean tech engineering and manufacturing services.

About Clean Energy Technologies Inc.

Clean Energy Technologies Inc. is a clean energy and environmentally sustainable technologies company offering heat recovery solutions products and also providing engineering and manufacturing solutions focused on other energy efficiency and environmental sustainability technologies.  The Company's principal product offering currently is the Heat Recovery Solution, or HRS.  The Company's engineering and manufacturing resources support its heat recovery solutions business, as well as continuing to support other emerging growth companies with their technologies, with an emphasis in Clean Tech.  The Company intends to identify other technologies or companies for acquisition and integration to its Clean Tech focused engineering and manufacturing platform.  Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, the Company's common stock is currently traded on the OTC Market under the symbol PMFI. 



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