Rehm Launches New Vertical Dryer and UV Hardening System

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Airbags in cars can save lives, headlights keep you safe when driving during the day and at night, sensors on an aeroplane transmit accurate flight information for navigation even at 10,000 meters, and simple traffic lights regulate the traffic in any weather. To ensure sensitive electronic components function reliably even in adverse conditions, protective coatings are applied to circuit boards during the manufacturing process. In addition to the popular RDS Series, Rehm Thermal Systems is now offering two new systems for the optimal hardening of such protective coatings – the vertical dryer RVDS and a compact UV hardening system.

The tried-and-tested RDS Series from Rehm already covers a wide range of drying applications – from hardening all kinds of conventional adhesives, coatings, cast resins, casting compounds and silicon gels to drying protective coatings reliably. Rehm not only offers systems for normal electronics manufacturing but also systems especially for use in clean rooms in semiconductor manufacturing. Two newly developed systems – the vertical dryer RVDS and the RDS UV for UV applications – complete Rehm's portfolio of hardening systems.

rehm3.jpgHardening of coating on electronic components

Rehm's Vertical Drying System can achieve the optimal drying of all kinds of protective coatings and casting compounds that can be hardened by convection heating. Circuit boards are transported through the system vertically, and loaded board carriers are stacked on top of each other in the tower during the drying process. A highlight of the system is the automatic width setting of the goods carrier. This enables circuit boards of different sizes from different coating lines to be processed at the same time. With this ingenious configuration, the RVDS is exceptionally flexible and space-saving – our customers are not only able to save production space but also can do completely without an additional drying system. The innovative control, blower, heating and sensor technologies, combined with Rehm's strength in mechanical engineering, make the RVDS a high-quality and reliable system for manufacturing electronic components.

Compact system for hardening all UV coatings and UV adhesives

UV coatings enable hardening to take place in a matter of seconds. This reduces processing times and increases production speed, thereby giving both environmental and economic benefits. No wonder the electronics industry is also increasingly using UV coatings in its production. With the RDS UV, Rehm is offering a compact system that enables UV coatings to harden within seconds. Owing to its low exhaust air flow rate and short warm-up time, the system is ready for operation immediately after switching on and is much more energy-efficient than comparable systems. Depending on the material to be hardened, the system can be equipped with undoped medium-pressure mercury lamps, doped UV lamps, UV LED arrays or special lamps that emit specific light spectrums.

About Rehm

Rehm Thermal Systems produces energy-efficient manufacturing equipment for the electronics and photovoltaics industry. As a manufacturer of reflow soldering systems (convection or condensation) and drying and coating systems, we are today a technological and innovation leader in the economically advantageous area of module production.



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