Newbury PCBs at Core of Tio Kits

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Newbury Electronics' recognised expertise and experience is now being put to good use as it works with Tio on the development of PCBs for inclusion in a new invention platform. With the new Tio kit, budding electrical engineers and inventors are able to quickly and easily create, control and program toys using everyday objects, the number and variety of which are only limited by the user’s imagination.

Peter Spence, co-founder of Tio, said, "The PCB is key to the product as it powers, animates and allows the user to control and program the hardware. The team at Newbury Electronics was recommended by a colleague for the quality of their work and speed of service and we have not been disappointed. They also reviewed the designs and made recommendations that have enabled us to reduce the production costs whilst still ensuring the highest quality for the final product."

The Tio team, with help from the team at Newbury Electronics, now have a works-like-looks-like prototype and a clear and reliable manufacturing plan. They are in the final stages of securing seed funding to make these a reality and plan to start accepting pre-orders on Kickstarter early next year, with a full scale launch of the product in the spring.

"Encouraging youngsters to have a go at programming and electronics is key for the future success of the electronics and engineering industry in the UK. Tio may be the spark that inspires the inventors of the future," said Philip King, MD at Newbury Electronics. "When you are learning anything as a youngster, be it music, sport or baking it doesn't always go right first time and it is the same with electronics, but with Tio young inventors will learn from their mistakes and have fun producing something that they can relate to, be that a cardboard buggy, a cake delivery system or a flapping butterfly."

The kit will comprise a custom PCB with the capacity to provide instructions for motion, light and power. Once completed the finished item will be controlled by a simple iOS or Android app. At the company's website, there are many examples of toys and inventions powered by Tio and the opportunity to sign up to be amongst the first to buy the kit. You can like Tio’s page at or follow them on Twitter at @CreateTio



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