Lite-On Technology Included in CDLI for Second Consecutive Year

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Lite-On Technology Corp. has been named for the second consecutive year as one of the leading companies in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI), which is rated and published annually by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Since 2008, Lite-On Technology has been leading its peers in the sector to proactively take part in this international rating by continuously keeping a close eye on the issue of climate change, actively promoting strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, developing green products and green manufacturing processes, as well as implementing energy-saving and carbon reduction initiatives. The company also places emphasis on the transparent exposure of related information and communication with stakeholders, thereby achieving industry-leading results while gaining the recognition of international investors.

Global climate change resulting from the greenhouse effect is among the most closely-watched environmental issues around the world. Lite-On Technology identifies carbon neutrality as its ultimate goal for the long-term management of carbon. In terms of medium and short-term goals, the company is committed to demonstrating its determination and efforts in proactively promoting carbon reduction via green product design, optimized management of production and operation, as well as setting and publishing annual carbon reduction goals and implementation results.


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