Saline Lectronics Improves High-volume Assembly Management

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Saline Lectronics Inc., a leading electronics contract manufacturer, recently purchased a StorageSolutions Fortress (ISM2000XL) from Juki. The EMS provider will now have two Fortress units in the plant, allowing for improved material management used on high-volume assemblies. Combined, the two towers will work in sync as one large, contained, humidity controlled inventory management system.

Lectronics' two Fortresses will store all of the necessary material to run high-volume assemblies that the company manufactures regularly. Rather than having to locate material within a stock room and manually pick the necessary reels for the job, Lectronics' technicians will now have the capability to automatically dispense all of the material needed to run an assembly at the push of a single button.

Lectronics will gain huge time savings by reducing the time spent trying to locate parts as well as quality improvements, due to the Towers always dispensing the correct reels. With the Towers, there is no longer the risk of any human-error selecting the incorrect part.

Since the two Fortresses communicate directly to the Juki SMT lines, when a reel starts to run low on a line and the low-level alarm goes off, these towers will automatically dispense the replacement reel. 

"The implementation of our second Fortress is very consistent with our manufacturing strategy of improving efficiency and having tighter control on our high-volume inventory," said Scott Sober, VP of Operations. "Additionally, this two-tower system enables us to better utilize the technology and data stored within our intelligent machines that are linked factory-wide."



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