Indium Features Heat-Spring for LED Manufacturing at Strategies in Light

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Indium_LED.jpgIndium Corporation will feature Heat-Spring, a compressible, recyclable, metal thermal interface material, at Strategies in Light on March 1-3 in Santa Clara, California.

Indium Corporation’s Heat-Spring is an interface that provides 86 W/mK of thermal conductivity using a pressure range of only 35-100+ psi.

Heat-Spring helps Avoid the Void in high-power LEDs due to its superior conductivity, ease of use, and improved performance over time as compared to thermal grease alternatives. In addition, Heat-Spring® will not bake out or pump out, thus eliminating the air voids left by inferior greases that can result in thermal failures.

Heat-Spring® is reclaimable and recyclable, and is packaged in custom trays or tape & reel.

Heat-Spring® metal thermal interface material is just one of a wide range of Indium Corporation products for the LED assembly industry – from PCB assembly to die-attach to technology-enabling TIMs – which combine superior performance with ease of placement. This reduces cost, increases first-pass yields, reduces field failures, and optimizes profits.

To learn more about on Heat-Spring, click here or visit Indium Corporation at booth 110.



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