Microtronic Now Offers Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees

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Microtronic GmbH has added Transition Automation Inc.'s Permalex Edge Metal Squeegees, a premium brand of metal squeegees used for SMT and microelectronics printing applications, to its product lineup.

Permalex squeegees incorporate many customer needs such as long service life, improved printing quality, ease of use and ease of ordering. Permalex Edge Squeegees directly support the lead-free process by assuring maximum print quality despite the reduced wetting and joining performance of lead-free materials.

Ernst J. M. Eggelaar, president of Microtronic, commented, "We are excited to add to the solder materials from AIM to offer an even more complete and well-rounded solution to our customers."

Transition Automation is the worldwide leading supplier of the long life Permalex metal squeegees. These squeegees are robust and highly refined to endure the rigors of SMT printing. Permalex squeegees bring an extended payback period to the end-user by reducing the frequency of machine downtime and maintaining high quality paste printing across various assembly lines, and throughout extended product cycles. For more information, click here.



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