Jabil to Provide Manufacturing Services to Optelian

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Jabil Circuit, Inc. has been selected by Optelian, a leading provider of optical networking solutions, to accelerate the delivery of next-generation products and services for a wide variety of optical transport applications. The Optelian FLEX Architecture™ is used by more than 200 service providers, network operators and enterprises seeking more modular, intuitive and cost-effective service delivery. To that end, Optelian is taking advantage of Jabil’s comprehensive array of manufacturing and photonics capabilities to reduce product costs, increase operational efficiencies and drive continued product innovation.

“With Jabil as our manufacturing partner, Optelian can grow and scale in ways we couldn’t before,” says Dave Weymouth, co-founder and CEO of Optelian. “We have the agility to bid on different and larger business while trusting Jabil to support our product design, engineering, supply chain and manufacturing needs.”

Optelian was most impressed with Jabil, in part because of its commitment to the optical industry through the June 2015 acquisition of AOC Technologies, which brings decades of experience in delivering industry-leading photonics solutions. Jabil is continuing to recruit key photonics talent around the world, including a local operation alongside Optelian’s team in Ottawa, Ontario.

As a result, Jabil is well positioned to quickly design, rapidly prototype, as well as engineer and test, optical networking components, sub-assemblies, modules, and complete systems. With more than 500 subject matter experts with extensive backgrounds in photonics, Jabil maintains build and test capabilities for photonics in every major geography worldwide.

For Optelian, the ability to continually raise the bar in product innovation was fueled by Jabil’s complete portfolio of optical product engineering, design, integration, testing, supply chain, manufacturing and order fulfillment services. This proved instrumental in fast-tracking the rapid fulfillment of a major order.

“The transition was fairly seamless and the quality of the final product was impeccable,” says Dennis Isotti, vice president of operations for Optelian. “It didn’t take long to increase operational efficiencies and lower fixed costs. We expect to achieve even greater balance sheet improvements as we employ more of Jabil’s manufacturing services.”

Optelian expects to use Jabil to support its entire product lifecycle management. Additionally, the company plans to take advantage of Jabil’s intelligent global digital supply chain with predictive analytics to reduce component lead times and increase supply chain accuracy. Direct order fulfillment through Jabil is another priority. Optelian anticipates the move to a complete sourcing model with Jabil to accelerate business scaling.

“Jabil is committed to helping Optelian and other companies bring completely differentiated photonics-based products, technologies and solutions to the market,” says Kenny Wilson, vice president, Optical Networking Business Unit, Jabil. “Through our strengths in optical networking and complete electronics manufacturing services, we’re ready to harness the power of photonics while helping customers unlock their true business potential.”

About Jabil

Jabil is an electronic product solutions company providing comprehensive electronics design, production and product management services to global electronics and technology companies. Offering complete product supply chain management from facilities in 28 countries, Jabil provides comprehensive, individually-focused solutions to customers in a broad range of industries. Jabil common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol, "JBL". Further information is available on Jabil's website: jabil.com.



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