Essemtec to Launch New FOX SMD Automatic Placement System at SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2016

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Essemtec, the Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, will launch the all new Fox SMD Automatic Placement System in Booth #7-135 at the upcoming SMT/Hybrid/Packaging, scheduled to take place April 26-28, 2016 at the Messe in Nuremberg Germany. 

With the launch of the new Fox pick-and-place machine, Essemtec of Switzerland introduces a new benchmark for compact, highly flexible assembly machines. The machine‘s beautiful, compact design saves valuable production space without compromising on productivity and placement quality.

The mechanical design of the machine borrows from its larger sibling, the Cobra. Modern drive and material technologies are employed that reduce maintenance while increasing stability. With its small footprint of only 88 x 109 cm, the Fox weighs in at just below one metric ton (!), underpinning its industrial appeal. Thanks to its slim shape, it fits through standard doors and finds its place even in constricted manufacturing areas. The Fox is also environmentally friendly:  It consumes less than 750W of power, uses single phase voltage (230V), and recuperates energy from the motion system. Care was taken to ensure recyclable materials wherever possible.

“The Fox is very adaptive,” commented Fernando Marcos, Product Manager, Essemtec. “Not only will it place components from 0201 to 33x80mm, but it also will dispense solder paste and SMT glue. It will accept 180 intelligent feeders and allow for chaotic placement and hot swapping, thus enabling product changes in less than one minute.”

The Fox is compatible with feeders from Essemtec’s previous machines. The equipment places components at 4500 cph (IPC 8950A) with an accuracy of 60mm (3s), and better when slowed down. Board sizes are 300 x 400 mm, component height is 30mm with small restrictions and placement on multiple levels for 2.5D applications is easily achieved.

The Fox boasts a large 18 inch touch screen, does away with the hassles of keyboard and mouse, and runs on ePlace software, Essemtec’s production-proven manufacturing software with advanced visualization, component library, CAD conversion, remote diagnostics and online help. The intuitive and error-proof SW reduces operator training time and cost. Process development, maintenance, and troubleshooting are taken to the next level with the inclusion of diagnostic software that takes the role of a logic analyser and oscilloscope. The ePlace SW also supports line balancing and thus, multiple Fox systems can be combined in-line. The system also integrates seamlessly with the Cubus storage devices and therefore new reels can be ordered directly from the low component monitor.

About Essemtec AG

Essemtec AG is a privately held Swiss equipment manufacturer, specializing in high speed fluid dispensing as well as flexible high-mix SMT placement solutions. Both divisions leverage the company’s vast equipment and process know-how gained since 1991 to let their customers achieve significant competitive advantages. The company’s goal is to improve its customers’ workflows, setup times, defect rates, traceability and overall manufacturing efficiency through superior software and by providing managed SMT storage.



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